Friday, October 14, 2016

I Heart Tomorrowland - May 1962

Hey folks... it appears that Photobucket (my photo host) has experienced a massive outage. They are supposedly "working on it" - who knows, by the time you read this, maybe the issue has been resolved. I am also without my computer at the moment - it is on the fritz - otherwise I would just re-up the pictures via Google. I apologize. A word of advice: DON'T EVER USE PHOTOBUCKET FOR ANYTHING!

I have some nice photos from Tomorrowland, 1962 style!

I love this first one, taken as the sun was setting on a lovely May afternoon. The colors are really fantastic! Lemon yellow, coral pink, blue-violet, deep green. The American Flag has already been lowered - it's hard to tell, but it looks like the Clock of the World says that it is around 5 o'clock.

Zooming in a bit affords us some primo vintage people watching. Look at the way that rocket gleams! Notice that the "TWA" logo is gone, soon to be replaced with the "Douglas" paint scheme.

Next is this picture, taken shortly before or after the first one; it's the Monsanto House of the Future, almost appearing to hover like a friendly flying saucer (no probing aliens here) above the lush landscaping. I've always loved that sign to our right. I love it so much I'm going to marry it.


Nanook said...


And I thought it was our cockamamie internet at work that was causing the Photobucket issues. I was able to see the images from [Thursdays] post when I returned home, but see now the issue continues... You know if this symptom continues into future posts, you can provide descriptions for some of the most-fantastic, rarest images from Disneyland to ever appear. (Who's to argue-??) It's kinda like the King's new clothes.

Perhaps in the AM...

Chuck said...

Nanook's got an interesting idea. Maybe you can finally post that picture of the Viewliner as it barrels through the Mickey Mouse Club Circus tent, chasing a runaway stagecoach during a simultaneous lunar and solar eclipse.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Haven't you heard? We gave away the internet. The new governing body has implemented some changes. Each photo view will require the deposit of one of them new fangled bit coins. Bit coin deposit slots will be added to your computer in the near future, be patient. Warning: the deposit of slugs in the bit coin slot will result in a penalty of 40% plus taxes for the next four years. Welcome to the new world order.

Tom said...

This is what happens when you keep your photos in a bucket.

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, I think you misread the Clock of the World. I believe these were taken around midnight and the photographer forgot to use a flash.

K. Martinez said...

What interesting photos! Disneyland after dark with the lights turned off. And it looks like I flaked out and didn't respond to yesterday's post. Plus now your computer's on the fritz. When it rains, it pours.

dennis said...

I can't see a thing!

Clyde Hughes said...

Beware the bit coin... Why don't they sell internet flashlights...they're do something. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Major, there's nothing like online services that don't serve.

You have my sympathy, I look forward to having the pics available someday.

Thanks for all your hard work keeping us sane.


Chuck said...

Hooray! The pictures are up! And you weren't kidding - the color on these really pops.

In those first two, my eyes are inexorably drawn towards Tomorrowland's "weenie." (Wait - can I say that on a family blog?) That rocket at the end of the street makes me want to head in that direction. But there's a steamboat at the end of the street behind me and a genuine castle to my left. Which way should I go? Which way should I go??!!

(So much for keeping us sane...)

dennis said...

I can see again!

Nanook said...


"... And thru the magic of something-or-another..." let there be images. And loverly they are. The wonderful 'tone' of the lighting and the forced perspective make for a fabulous shot - even upstaging the babushka on the far right; and in the middle, whatever kinda hairdo the lady is featuring - all wrapped-up like a turban.

The House of the Future seems so at-home in this shot, looking almost stately - if stately is a condition in the future.

Thanks, Major.

Clyde Hughes said...

Thanks for posting these great photos... they just 'popped through'. Beautiful evening shots.
The family walking into Tomorrowland (sounds prophetic...) have some very interesting fashions. The lady has a groovy stripe ensemble, while the little girl has that fuschia feather cap, and the little boy has an almost 10 gallon hat on. The stroller in the foreground is a the aqua color, and the green park benches are great! The knitter on the right seems to be making good progress.

The girl walking towards us on the left, balancing on the curb...don't fall into the Tomorrowland holly! ouch!

And... those posters...!

Tom said...

Boy were these worth the wait!
Awesome shots - beautiful color on both of them. Love that vista looking down into Tomorrowland, with the flags, clock, moonliner and space bar all stacked up like that.

Where's Tony Curtis' phone booth?

David Zacher said...

When you're making up descriptions, make sure you tell us we are seeing a woman knitting(!) at DL. You know we will believe you.


K. Martinez said...

Glad I checked back. These are really extra-special. The Tomorrowland entrance is warm, sunny and optimistic! Thanks, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Sorry, guys, I’ve been away from home all day… thanks for all your fun comments!

Nanook, yeah, at first I thought it was just me, and then I started getting that sinking feeling. Especially when I noticed that my eBay sales items also weren’t loading the photos. I wish I had thought to do what you suggested, but then I would have been revealed as a fraud later!

Chuck, yes, or how about the day that Frank Sinatra punched Mickey Mouse?

Alonzo, hmmm, now that you mention it, I think I DID read about that! Remember when Bill Gates (among others) was trying to figure out how to charge money for each email that you wanted to send?

Tom, I know, I should always use a valise.

TokyoMagic!, maybe THAT was the problem!

K. Martinez, I always thought that Disneyland After Dark sounded pretty magical, but now I know that it was not so great.

Dennis, open your eyes!

Clyde Hughes, hmmm, internet flashlights - if only I’d thought of that idea - something that might have been sold for Y2K!

Chuck, holy moly, I’m surprised they got it up and running this early, frankly. “Weenie” - I’m sorry Walt, but that was an unfortunate term, even though I get it. There were certainly may wonders to behold in Disneyland back then, but the angle of the sun is what helped to make this scene look especially lovely. Heading into Frontierland, you’d just have to squint.

Dennis, see, it worked.

Nanook, I can almost hear Winston Hibler reciting your text. I call that lady’s hairstyle, the “Bride”. Elsa Lanchester would be proud.

Clyde Hughes, glad you enjoyed these. As you may know, I have a special love for those hats with the giant ostrich feathers. I wonder if the kid is wearing a cavalry hat from Frontierland? Hard to tell. Imagine bringing your knitting to Disneyland! Hilarious.

Tom, I never get tired of shots of the entrance to Tomorrowland. I can’t believe that there’s not a creative and beautiful solution for the land that would work for years (as opposed to the mess that’s there now). They need to hire Syd Mead or some other genius.

David Zacher, ha ha. How about a rollerskating nun?

K. Martinez, I agree with you - this is the Disneyland (or one version of it) that I love so much.

walterworld said...

Are you ready to switch to a different photo hosting site yet?

There are other options. I hope you can jump ship soon...!

(or did you sign one of those infamous 'lifetime' contracts with Photobucket?) :D

Nancy said...

These views are beauties.....the sunset colors are so pretty! Definitely worth waiting for :-D