Thursday, December 03, 2015

Two Leftuggies

Here are two leftover slides... each one the last of a lot that has already been shared here. 

Like this interior (from September, 1979) which I am guessing is from the "One of a Kind Shop" in New Orleans Square (if I am wrong, please let me know). Just look at all that stuff! Every nook and cranny is packed with merch, but there's not a character, vinylmation figure, collectible pin, plush doll, t-shirt, or any other typical Disneyland stuff in sight. It's kind of weird! Wouldn't you love to be able to walk into this photo and explore?

This next one is from August 1961, and shows a familiar view of the mighty Monstro on a beautiful day. He was caught in mid-blink, just like I always am!


Anonymous said...

Looks like Monstro is about to have a tourist snack.

K. Martinez said...

Nice rare interior of the New Orleans Square shop which ever one it is. I must confess that I was a big pin collector during the early to mid years of the craze and have amassed quite a collection. Nice shots today. Thanks, Major.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure that's One-Of-A-Kind shop. It was true to it's name, sad to see it go.

The Monstro photo shows an example of how the park planters changed over time.

The trash can and the stroller lady are located in what is now the center of a big planter which swoops out from the queue fence and prevents visitors from standing close to the canal edge.

I guess it makes less tempting to jump in the water or on to a passing boat.

Nice set today, Major.


Unknown said...

It's too bad regarding the One-of-a-Kind Shop. It was a case of management conflating an attraction with a retail space. I don't think revenue per square footage was ever Walt's intent.

Hidden bonus: Monorail Red makes its way towards its second pass over the lagoon way in the background of the second shot.

Chuck said...

Nice "Where's Waldo" moment, Patrick! I didn't see the Monorail at all. I wonder if it was sneaking up on the Matterhorn?

Trying to read the nautical flags in front of the Monorail, and the only thing I can tell for sure is that the second letter hanging off the left-hand yardarm is "M." But they sure look cool.

K. Martinez said...

Patrick Devlin, good catch on Monorail Red. I can't believe I missed that.

TokyoMagic! said...

What a shame about the One-of-a-Kind Shop. I believe there was a postcard that also showed it's interior. I remember a story about Barbra Streisand supposedly buying some mega expensive item in that shop. I'm trying to remember what it was...I want to say that it was a chandelier, but now I'm not sure.

Snow White Archive said...

Monstro looks hungry as ever. Love this angle.