Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Sunny Christmas

I am sharing two photos from December, 1957, which show the park looking about as pretty as can be. It's Christmastime in Southern California, which means bright sunshine and blue skies. Bamboo is a dead giveaway that the photographer was standing near the entrance to Adventureland, while the conifers to our left are near the Frontierland entrance. A family contemplates their reflections in the waters below, and each person has an existential crisis.

I am not sure if Disneyland had started the tradition of placing a giant tree in Town Square in 1957, but they did have more a more modest tree near the Plaza. The white flocking is very "50's", as are the all-red ornaments (although the style seems to be fashionable again). My mom would approve!

NOTE: I will be heading out of town for a few days starting today, but as always, there will be new posts for you every day, so stop by if you can. I'll try to check in regularly when time permits.


Unknown said...

"existential crisis": That's just beauty, Major.

Nanook said...


Perhaps the 'existential crisis' was caused by all those ferns and bamboo. After all - nothing says Merry Christmas like ferns & bamboo-??

Thanks, Major.

Chuck said...

Love the second one. It reminds me of the cover art on many of my parents' and grandparents' Christmas albums from the late '50s-early '60s.

Have fun wherever you are traveling for the holidays, Major. Be safe, and thanks for thinking of us while you're away!

dennis said...

Happy Holidays to you Major, and to all of your readers!
Dennis- Levittown, Long Island

K. Martinez said...

The 2nd image is great vintage Christmas.

Happy Holidays to you too, Dennis!

Safe travels to you, Major.

Dean Finder said...

I'm always impressed by the Christmas trees people had decades ago. Beyond coating them in flocking (are you sure it's a conifer under there?), it seems the idea of a conical tree wasn't that important then. Trees seem pretty gangly.

Nancy said...

That is some tree! Christmas at Disney is always extra fun. Oh, to have been there on this day.

Enjoy your time away, Major. As always, appreciate all the joy and fun you bring to my day. :-D