Sunday, November 01, 2015

So-So Sunday

People do all kinds of different things on Sunday. Barbecue; watch the big game on TV; go to the  movies; work in the yard; or perhaps they like to curl up with a good book. I like to share sub-par slides with my readers on Sunday! Today I have two fuzzy offerings.

Like this one, from 1957, looking down on the new House of the Future, with a crowd of "Leave it to Beaver" extras waiting to get in.

"Patty, you don't think that sofa is made of plastic, do you?". "You bet, Mary! The whole darn place is plastic!". "My, what will they think of next?". (End of scene)

In spite of the blurriness, I think that this is still a somewhat worthwhile image. For a Sunday.

More fuzziness abounds in this picture (also from 1957) of a Dumbo clone. Yes, it's a clone - how else can there be so many of them? They were grown in petri dishes. I heard about it from my cousin Clem, who saw it with his own eyebones when he worked as a janitor at Cal Tech. The truth must be known!

The soft, desaturated colors almost make this photo look like it is 58 years old. 


Nanook said...


Personally, I don't mind the blurriness all that much. It kinda gives the image that "safe" quality - nothing too harsh. And why would you pass up this great early shot of the House of the Future-? With the green canvas canopies protecting those guests'-! (Not much 'futuristic' about those...)

And aren't those Dumbos' the ones with the non-articulating, articulating ears-? And Holiday Hill/Lookout Mountain, for crying out loud-! It's a good Sunday for me.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

The House of the Future before the Patio of the Future was added.

I like the angle of Dumbo's ears in that second pic. I was going to ask if they were the flapping ones, but Nanook is probably right. They were, but they weren't. Or would that be they weren't, but they were?

♫ ♪ Fly, Dumbo fly. Up, up to the sky! ♪ ♫ (I'm in a disco mood for some reason.)

K. Martinez said...

Love the Dumbo pic! Looks like the Dumbo fence railing was designed to prevent guests from sitting on it. I remember seeing that design concept installed on the queue railings at the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. Thanks, Major!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, these are the "school scissors" of photos! No sharp edges. The early look at the House o' the Future was interesting enough in spite of its imperfections. I think I can see the hinges at the base of each of Dumbo's ears, but I am sure that the ears did not flap at all by this point.

TokyoMagic!, nearly all of my mom's patio furniture is molded resin/plastic. My god, we live in the FUTURE! (What is that Dumbo tune?).

K Martinez, actually that fence railing was put there for the convenience of men with beards. They could comb them nice and neat while waiting for their turn on Dumbo.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to see how much space was between each Dumbo when there were only ten. The New Fantasyland redo added another ten to help shorten wait time.

Kel said...

Cool pic of the House of the Future. I'm too young to have seen it in person, but this finally gives me a good idea of how it was placed. I've only seen pictures of it from the other (Tomorrowland) side. Anyway, thought I'd finally leave a comment after lurking on your blog for a few years. I really love the mid to late 1980's through mid 1990's pictures (this was my favorite time in the park). If you have more of those I'm all eyes! Thanks!

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, that song is not from Dumbo. "Fly Robin Fly" is a 1975 song by Silver Connection. With Dumbo's ears at that angle and him being so low to the ground, it just looked like he was struggling to take flight.....that, and for some reason I had the song in my head.

Nanook said...

@ TokyoMagic! -

What could be more remarkable than a reference to Silver Connection right here at GDB, I ask you-??!! Silver Connection, a German Disco studio group which achieved stardom with Fly, Robin, Fly, a #1 hit on the Billboard charts for three weeks, back in October 11th of 1975. (Who needs Wikipedia-? Really-!)

@ Kel - Welcome Aboard-! It's always nice to "hear" from fellow GDB followers.

Nanook said...


So much for listening to my own voice: Let's make that Silver Convention, instead. Whew-!

Anonymous said...

@Kel, great to hear from you.

@Major. Very cool photos, like school scissors, easy to run with...

I've noticed that old scallop detail on several attraction fences of the '60's era, it looks like it was done with a hole saw in a 2x6. Decorative, flexible, functional and inexpensive. The teacups had it too. It seems to be phased out in the '70's in favor of metal details. Interesting if it has reappeared.


steve2wdw said...

Isn't that Frontierland in the background of Dumbo....looks like the mast of the Columbia rising up from behind the hill? Thought Holiday Hill was in the opposite direction.

Major Pepperidge said...

Anonymous, I know what you mean, and yet when you I am on the ride, I am not overly aware of the other Dumbos… I guess I’m enjoying myself too much!

Kei, thanks for checking in. I would certainly acquire slides and photos from those yearss, but they don’t come up, surprisingly. if you search my blog, I do have a number from the 1996 and 1997. Not many, but at least a few.

TokyoMagic! I’ll have to go on YouTube to look up “Fly Robin Fly”. I must know it, but the title doesn’t ring a bell!

Nanook, I don’t recall the name “Silver Convention” either. Can it be possible that this song escaped me?

JG, the thought of hand-cutting all of those scallops with a hole saw makes my brain hurt. I wonder if it was a kind of molding that was commercially available, or at least made by a big industrial machine of some kind?

steve2wdw, yes, that is Frontierland behind Dumbo in the second photo… but there was no Columbia in 1957. Not sure what that thing is that is sticking up. Holiday Hill would be beneath us (more or less) in the first photo, which is quite a way from Dumbo.