Sunday, November 08, 2015

So-So Sunday Again

You shoulda stayed in bed, GDB readers; today's photos are hardly worth the effort. But I scanned 'em, so here they are.

Most pirate ships didn't have much of a view, unless you liked miles and miles of empty ocean. But Disneyland's pirate ship had all kinds of interesting things to look at. Glancing to the north, you can see some of Storybook Land's canals, as well as a Casey Jr. Circus Train full of wild animals. You can also see the C.K. Holliday approaching the colorful Fantasyland Station (now gone nearly 50 years). 

This one is just too dark, but if you put on your night-vision goggles, you would be able to see a group of squirming kids (kids are always squirming!) heading up the staircase to Tom Sawyer's Treehouse, on his eponymous island. Even grownups kind of wish they could live in a treehouse!


Nanook said...

Major, Major-

The 2nd image "may" qualify for the so-so category, but the first one-?? Are you gonna stand there and tell me (okay, sit there if you must-!) this isn't a little gem-??!!

First of all, we see the Fantasyland Station - looking very much as it did when it first opened in 1956. Plus we have the Freight Train cars being pulled along the track. Plus Casey Jr. And just for grins - a glimpse of the Santa Ana Freeway. What's not to like-?

Thank you.

TokyoMagic! said...

Ha ha, Nanook! I was going to ask the Major what he was talking about. I really like that first one! We get to see Casey Jr. going past the future home of Anna and Elsa....from the best Disney movie ever, and maybe the best movie of all time.....except for Star Wars (the one with Jar Jar Binks).

I'm not into hidden Mickey's, but one of the kids in the second pic has an upside-down one on his shirt.

Unknown said...

Mmmm-good! Delicious vintage Disneyland stuff. I was thinking that with early landscaping look evident in the first shot that perhaps the wee structures for Storybook Land had not yet been installed. Then I spied (with my little eye) the steeple of Alice's church peeking up from the third bush from the right (and straight on 'til morning). Unless I'm wrong...

MRaymond said...

Look at that second picture. I'm surprised we survived our childhood. Open railings that are shorter than the adults hip. We could have all been killed! Natural selection at it's finest. 50's kids were bad asses.

K. Martinez said...

What a disappointment. I'm going back to bed.

As always a favorite of mine are the telephone poles and wires that run along the back of the park. I love reality vs. fantasy at Disneyland. It's an oasis in the suburban wasteland.

Nanook said...

@ TokyoMagic! & MRaymond-

Hey - I think you folks are on to something. Now, let's see... Anna, Elsa and Jar Jar Binks decide to visit Tom Sawyer's Treehouse, but none were wearing the proper "safety" shoes. Then, as the story was told to me, there was something about slippery treads, hand railings which simply didn't 'measure-up', and then an accident akin to Humpty Dumpty. It turned out to be a good day after all-!!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, the second one is definitely “meh”. I’m glad you like the other one! My favorite part of that photo might be the general impression of nothing but fields and random trees north of the berm.

TokyoMagic!, I’d like to think of the whole WORLD as the future home of Anna and Elsa. Don’t forget Olaf! He loves summer, but he’s a snowman! It’s the greatest thing ever! The upside-down Mickey means that the kid worships Satan.

Patrick Devlin, that slide is from 1957 (though I see that I neglected to tell you guys that fact!), so yes, by that time the Storybook Land scenes were in. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to ride the boats when there was nothing but dirt to look at! Guests must have walked away scratching their heads.

MRaymond, I hurt myself just looking at the photo!

K. Martinez, going back to bed is always the best solution to any problem. You should start a “Telephone Poles of Disneyland” blog!

Nanook, you left out Iron Man and Thor. As many glassy-eyed people will tell you, those characters are now “Disney”! It doesn't matter if the company just paid for them, we need to love them as much as the original Walt characters.

Chuck said...

Wait - Walt had his own characters?!

Major Pepperidge said...

Chuck, come on, man! Tommy the Lucky Tapeworm? His shenanigans were beloved by all.

Dean Finder said...

Why did they drop the Fantasyland station for a Tomorrowland one? A stream train doesn't seem very Tomorrowland to me.

Nanook said...

@ Dean Finder-

It's a Small World, After All. Or at least a 'stationless world'. The Fantasyland Station occupied what is now, more or less, the queue area for IaSW.

K. Martinez said...

Major, It's like the 1954 film "Creature from the Black Lagoon". In one shot: in the middle of the Amazonian style jungle just above the treetops a telephone pole appears in the background as the "Rita" sails upriver into the lagoon. I love spotting it every time I watch the film.

Major Pepperidge said...

Dean Finder, I see that Nanook has beat me to it and answered your question!

Nanook, I guess Toontown Station has to cover all of the fantasy now.

K. Marfinez, I never knew about that. I love that movie (and the Gill Man is one of my favorite monsters ever). The next time I see “Creature”, I’m going to have to look for that pole.

Anonymous said...

It's a nice shot of the bridge.

Anonymous said...

I have a picture of little boy me taken by my Dad at that spot in the treehouse.

Also have a pic my son in that spot, then he turned around and took one of adult me.

Life goes on.

Thanks, Major.


Major Pepperidge said...

Anon, you’re right, it IS a good shot of the bridge!

JG, you need to frame both of those photos together!