Sunday, August 16, 2015

Two From August, 1961

Here are two "meh" images (can something be extremely "meh"?), because I want you to stay relaxed on this Sunday. You're welcome.

People who go to Disneyland often feel the irresistible urge to wear novelty hats; and over in Fantasyland, The Mad Hatter shop was the place to be. Mouse ears (custom embroidered!), caps with Donald Duck bills, Tyrolean hats with giant dyed ostrich feathers,  plastic Keppy Kaps, pith helmets (with embedded compass), "coolie hats", U.S. Cavalry hats, Union and Confederate kepis, paper and woven bonnets, turquoise-colored trilbys, coonskin caps, and many more. 

There was a hat for every noggin; I would love to know how much the park made from selling souvenir hats, because I have the feeling that it was an impressive amount. 

Sorry about this somewhat terrible photo of  the Sub Lagoon!


TokyoMagic! said...

I can just make out the tree that was inside the shop with that weird face on it's trunk. What was that face from anyway? It wasn't from Alice In Wonderland, was it? It's strange that when the Mad Hatter shop moved from this location, it moved into the White Rabbit's house. I guess they had to pick some kind of structure for the exterior of the shop since we never actually saw where the Mad Hatter lived.

I never realized until now that the Mad Hatter is eating a saucer on this signage. Where is that sign today?

K. Martinez said...

They may be meh to you, but I've discovered something I haven't noticed before. That moves it from the "meh" to "awesome" category for me.

I've seen the Mad Hatter Shop sign a gazillion times but never noticed the shields with hats on them until now. I have seen the Dark Ride, Fantasyland Theater and Welch's Juice Bar shields, but never those. Now I'm going to go on a shield hunt to see if there were more in Fantasyland that I missed. Thanks, Major.

Snow White Archive said...

I never noticed either that the Mad Hatter is eating a saucer. Clever.

Unknown said...

Ah, Major, there simply aren't any "meh" vintage photos for me. That Submarine Lagoon pic, for instance: it's an unusual angle and I like the way you can look all the way over to the Matterhorn Chalet control tower. Me likey.

There's something interesting, too, in the second photo that has set off some musings: there looks to be some sort of anti-bird measure in place on top of the checkerboard pavilion. I've always wondered how Disney has dealt with the encroachment of urban avian pests. Whatever measures they are taking are innocuous and out of plain sight. Maybe all of the feral cats in the Park live on the battlements of the Castle?

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, wow, I didn’t notice that tree with the face; I have no idea what that’s about! I don’t remember a talking tree from Alice in Wonderland, but then again I haven’t seen it for a while. I wonder if that sign DID survive somehow?

K. Martinez, yeah, until this slide, I never noticed the shields with the hats. Very fun. Let us know if you discover other fun shields!

Snow White Archive, please do not eat any real saucers. The Mad Hatter is a professional.

Patrick Devlin, I appreciate your positivity! I think the fact that 1/4 of the photo is black silhouette; other than that it’s not too terrible. As for Disneyland’s anti-avian measures, I’m not sure how well they work.. the last time I was at the park, there were quite a few crows on the Matterhorn, totally destroying the forced perspective. I kind of love that the park has embraced the feral cats; it’s a perfect symbiotic relationship!

Nanook said...


Yes-! The shield with all the hats - I hadn't really noticed it, either. You see - there's always something new to discover at the Daily GDB Outpost-! (What do outpost's have to do with it-??!!)

Thanks, Major.

Chuck said...

The tree in the first photo is Wendy Willow, fresh off the bus from Poplar, Virginia (right next to Bowling Green) and trying to break into show biz. She later had bit parts in "H.R. Pufinstuf" and two McDonald's commercials in 1971 before finally making it big as "Grandmother Willow" in "Pocahontas."

The second photo proves there really IS a Swiss Navy.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, it really IS true about new discoveries... I have become aware of two cool details about vintage Disneyland in just the last week - but they are discoveries made by other bloggers, so you will just have to wait until they blog about these details themselves!

Chuck, it's funny, because the first thing I thought of what Grandmother Willow in "Pocahontas"!