Tuesday, August 18, 2015

More Special Guest Photos!

Here are two more photos, courtesy of our friend Huck Caton! These are all scanned from those round-cornered, matte-finish prints that were inexplicably popular circa 1974. 

I'm starting with this one, featuring Huck himself on the deck of the Mark Twain. If his posture seems odd, it is because he is holding a cassette tape recorder up to a speaker, in order to capture the music and spiel from the attraction! He has hinted that he has quite a library of live recordings from the park. I need to bribe him to get digitized copies of everything. I'm not kidding. 

I'll let Huck describe this next one: "This particular shot of me needs a little explanation. I'm 'smoking' one of those fantastic dill pickles they used to actually pull out of a pickle barrel back then (that's the wrapper under my right elbow) whilst (!) doing my best Groucho Marx impersonation as I listen in on the party line."

"I have no excuse for the white bell bottoms other than this was fall 1974... BUT I do see some kind of bandage on my left foot which kind of makes the sandals OK. Kind of."

Next is this photo of Huck, hugging a lamp post outside of Captain Hook's Pirate Ship. Huck thought this photo was too grainy to use, but I laugh at film grain. Ha! Ha!

These photos are awesome! I am very grateful to Huck for taking the time to scan them, especially as he was right in the middle of moving (something I had to go through myself very recently). Stay tuned for more pictures from him!


Nanook said...


Personal photos are always a '﹢' on GDB, and deserve special commendation. Okay.... I approve.


You may 'laugh in the face of grain'; personally, I'm more accustomed to 'laughing up one's sleeve' - anyone's-!

Thanks, Huck & Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

These are great! I love DL in the seventies. I believe that shop next to the party line telephone was "Rings and Things" which was at some point became the front room of the former Disneyana Shop. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong though.

The taking a cassette tape recorder to DL "trick" is one that I am also guilty of doing back in the day. However, I always felt like it needed to be hidden. I'm wondering if any cast members ever said anything to Huck about using a recorder in the park?

K. Martinez said...


These are great! I remember wearing flare pants in the mid-1970's in high school. It was the style back then.

Love the Party Line photo. Such a rare location shot and fun pose. It looks like you were having a great day.

The lamppost photo sort of reminds me of the drunk pirate with torch hugging the lamppost in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Thanks again for sharing your Disneyland memories and personal photos. I thoroughly enjoyed. Hope to see more in the future.

Chuck said...

Major, I used to laugh at film grain, too, until they threw me out of the cinema for being disruptive.

Ken, I had a pair of white pants in high school, too, although since it was the mid-80's, the leg bottoms "flared" the opposite direction. I remember wearing them on a Polaroid scavenger hunt with a church youth group, and one of the tasks was to make a human pyramid. Being one of the taller, larger participants, I ended up being part of the base. I don't think the grass stain ever completely came out.

Huck, thanks again for sharing your matte-finish memories!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Huck. I too remember those pickles in the barrel. And they were better than what you can find today.

Anonymous said...

Ha, I remember that telephone. I did exactly that same pose, without the pickle.

Thank you, Huck and Major for the trip back.


Nanook said...

@ TokyoMagic! -

I believe you nailed the location.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I also laugh at danger, broccoli, and knock-knock jokes.

TokyoMagic!, was it called “Rings and Things” because it was next to the telephone? Get it? Because the telephone rings? Hello? Is this thing on? I can’t imagine that cast members would care if somebody was recording sounds at the park - I’ve never heard of anyone being stopped, though I suppose it could happen.

K. Martinez, it’s funny, when I looked at the photos early this morning, I also made the connection to the drunk pirate. Don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before!

Chuck, I remember the days of white pants. Grass stains are bad, but I’ll never forget when a neighbor of mine was standing next to a dog (a big afghan), and the dog decided to “lift a leg” on my neighbor. It’s the only time I’ve ever seen that happen, and somehow the white pants made it even worse.

KS, I like the idea of a pickle barrel more than the idea of *eating* a big pickle while at Disneyland!

JG, do you have your photo? You can share it here!

Nanook, TokyoMagic! knows his stuff.

Anonymous said...

Alas, Major, that photo, if there was one, would be in the photo boxes I can't find. I had a used 35mm SLR during my heaviest era of Disneyland visits. we went at least twice a year around that time, maybe 1971-1978. I took tons of Disneyland pictures on those trips. I had some great shots of Court of the Angels and NOS which I would love to find, but...

I thought I had all my boxes from youth, but cannot locate any of those prints or negatives. I guess they went to the dump with my Batman comics. I do have a few pics that Mom and Dad took when I was much younger, mostly crummy instamatics. I have shared most of the good ones with you or Dave DeCaro.

I do really enjoy these, special thanks to Huck.


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