Thursday, March 05, 2015

More GDB Greatest Hits!

It's time for some more Greatest Hits! Also known as "filler". These are some old favorites from the Ghost of Blogs Past. 

Way back in 2006, I posted this neat image of a lady taking a break at the colorful outdoor seating of the Casa de Fritos (circa 1961). The simple tables and benches have all been painted in cheerful orange, yellow, and blue, and then topped with a palm frond shade - also painted. At night, even more color was provided by strings of multi-hued lights. One of the Casa's lovely hostesses greets guests to the extreme right.

Here's an interesting 1956 view of Fowler's Harbor, the area that can be used as a dry dock for the Mark Twain and the Columbia. It has a slightly seedy, decrepit look; or maybe it's just the angle of the light. Sitting in the harbor is large, mysterious barge. I call it "Large Barge". Back when this was posted in 2009, readers guessed that it might have been used to move construction materials around. Behind some of those dilapidated buildings you can see the wood framing for the cave that would lead to the Indian Village. To the left of that is the tunnel for the Disneyland Railroad.

My favorite photos of the Indian Village's Dance Circle is when the performers invited children from the audience to participate in a sort of sideways conga-line. Kids love it, parents love it, it's a win-win for everybody. This December day must have been chilly since guests are bundled up more than usual -  including three girls in identical blue jackets.  


Nanook said...


The shot of Fowler's Harbor seems so out of place at Disneyland - and yet so perfect.

Thanks, Major for posting these "blasts from the past".

Unknown said...

Hiya Major P.

That shot of Fowler's Harbor is choice! Thank goodness that there were people back even in the earliest days willing to take "reference" shots for all of us in 2015.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, it is that "too real to be Disneyland" quality that makes Fowler's Harbor so cool.

Patrick Devlin, a surprising number of photos were taken of Fowler's Harbor, probably because folks tended to have their cameras "at the ready" when aboard the Mark Twain.

K. Martinez said...

The Fowler's Harbor shot is definitely choice. I love images of Disneyland showing freshly moved dirt, reshaping and creating a new landscaped environment. The Casa de Fritos patio shot is nice too. Thanks, Major.