Sunday, March 08, 2015

Camera Goofs, March 1958

You know, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Some wise (yet annoying) person once said that, and I have taken that optimistic platitude to heart, and have created an entire blog post consisting of damaged/rejected images. Hey, it's Sunday. Readership plummets on Sundays. 

Fans of double-exposures will enjoy this one! The film slipped in the camera's sprockets (or something), and we get a view of Storybook Land as seen from the back of the Pirate Ship. It would be a pretty impressive panorama, too, except that we also get a partial view of another photo, also taken on the Pirate Ship. Gypsy curse? Poltergeists? Chupacabras? I vote for "all of the above".

This time, our photographer reached the end of the roll, and only captured half of a photo of the burning settler's cabin. The other half was (appropriately) a fiery reddish orange, which I have cropped off because it was scary. Once again, it would have been a pretty decent picture if it wasn't for the chupacabras.


Nanook said...


Who's to say the aspect ratio "has" to be around 1.5:1 for a typical 35mm slide image-? I say why not invent your own-! Chop-off the double-exposed Pirate Ship apparition from the left edge of the the first image, and you have a terrific view of the village of Cinderella and its environs, as seen through a long lens, creating that great foreshortened image of the surrounding area behind the park, proper. And the second image forces you to concentrate on only the burning cabin.

Who needs 'wide screen'-? (It merely strains the eyes).

Thanks, Major, for a tunnel vision Sunday.

TokyoMagic! said...

And there is Toad Hall, right where Toad Hall ought to be!

Hey, that patchwork quilt from Lullaby Land looks like the perfect spot to add a scene from The Black Cauldron, The Fox and the Hound, or The Great Mouse Detective!

K. Martinez said...

There's nothing with photos like these that a little cropping and re-composition couldn't cure. The burning cabin image looks fine.

TokyoMagic! I always thought it would've been cool if they did an American version of Storybook land with scenes from Little Hiawatha, Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan and Pecos Bill.

Chuck said...

TokyoMagic!, I was thinking more of a tableau from Oliver & Company or Treasure Planet.

K. Martinez said...

TokyoMagic! and Chuck - Don't forget about Gummi-Glen Personally I'd like to see Smurf Woods put in Storybook land.

TokyoMagic! said...

K. Martinez, not sure if you were joking, but I wouldn't mind seeing that! They should put it in "Euro" Disneyland though! DL Paris' Storybook Land actually has scenes from Peter and the Wolf, Fantasia, and The Wizard of Oz.

Chuck, I almost mentioned Treasure Planet! There will be so much room up there when they decide to rip out the quilt that they can include all of their financial failures as well as their unmemorable film properties!

K. Martinez said...

TokyoMagic! - The American folklore version of Storybook Land I was not joking about. I'd love to see a miniature Sleepy Hollow with covered bridge and splatted pumpkin, the apple orchards from Johnny Appleseed, and tableaus of Paul Bunyan and Pecos Bill. Even the water system could be referred to as the "Rio Grande". Why not an exterior addition to EPCOT's American Adventure pavilion.

As for Gummi-Glen and Smurf Woods, I was definitely joking.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I could have chopped off the double-exposed part, but what fun is that? There are plenty of photos in my collection from that particular angle. Let's celebrate nonconformity!

TokyoMagic!, yes, Toad Hall looks like a very impressive manor house on all that real estate. Who mows the lawn? Maybe Toad does, with a souped up riding lawnmower. The Fox and the Hound? I have never seen it, but are there any structures in that movie to miniaturize? I like the idea of adding something spooky to Storybook Land ("The Black Cauldron"), but it wouldn't really fit. We need a separate, scary version!

K. Martinez, oh cropping, shmopping! :-) I'm glad you like the burning cabin image, because I have another, non-damaged version of it to come (from the same lot). And I LOVE your idea of adding scenes from those particular movies. Genius!

Chuck, what about "Home on the Range"?

K. Martinez, now if they could somehow put Duckburg in there….!

TokyoMagic!, I totally agree; Paul Bunyan and Pecos Bill were among my favorite cartoons when I was a kid. I am very curious to know what scene from Fantasia was used in the DLP version of Storybook Land?!?

K.Martinez, Sleepy Hollow would be brilliant, as would the other scenes. It only makes me sad that we will likely never really get them. To me, those classic scenes would be the kind of Disney "magic" that belongs in the park.

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, I was kidding about taking out the patchwork quilt! It just seems like something that Disney would do....especially since they took out the Old Mill vignette.

DL Paris' Fantasia scene has Chernabog perched high above a small village. It's kind of surprising to see him in a Disney park. Paris' Storybook Land actually has the characters from the movies in the scenes (a miniature Witch outside of the seven dwarfs cottage, etc.) I forgot to mention that they also have scenes from Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, and Beauty and the Beast (Belle is sitting next to the fountain in town, reading a book).