Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mickey & Castle, September 1978

Today's photos aren't the most exciting things ever; but I'll take a bright, sunshiny Disneyland any old day.

There's the old-style Mickey Mouse flower portrait (why are there no flower portraits of ME?). I find the black tongue disturbing - he should see a doctor. Let's just pretend he has been eating licorice. By 1978, Santa Fe no longer sponsored the Disneyland trains, and I miss their iconic logo.

BONUS: That super fun drainage grate!

And… you knew it was coming… a picture of the castle, which is distinctly NOT pink!


TokyoMagic! said...

Everybody's smilin'...everybody's laughin'....everybody seems so happy today. It's a sunshiny, Disneyland day!

This is the Castle that I know and love. I don't like the super-pink Castle of today. They got rid of the cool pink concrete below and transferred the color to the Castle. Yuck!

Chuck said...

I didn't realize that Disneyland had ever had signage based on smell, but the garbage can is definitely labeled accurately in that second photo.

K. Martinez said...

Yeah, just think if the sponsor was still there today. It would be BNSF. Welcome aboard the Burling Northern Santa Fe and Disneyland Railroad!

Speaking of Sleeping Beauty Castle, I wonder how the diamond anniversary dress up will look on the castle. At least the gold accents will be removed.

Thanks, Major.

Monica said...

I'll take a bright sunshiny Disneyland day any day too. I'd take a cloudy gray Disneyland day over the FEET of snow days we've been having in New England. Today is storm #4 of 2015 and Blizzard #2!

Thanks for sharing these pics.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Oh drainage grate, oh drainage grate. Thy slats are made for stompin'!!!

I think Mickey might have been chewing a big wad of Blackjack gum. You remember, the kind you would stretch over your front teeth to make them looked knocked out.

Nice sunny pics Major, thanks for posting.