Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Above the Lagoon


I have removed the original version of this post, and am republishing it.  Why? Because I have received over 6000 spam comments in the past week or so. From this one post! I am hoping that this strategy will remedy the problem. (Blogger is very good about filtering the comments from the blog, but they still go to my email - what a pain).

The original comments would otherwise be lost, so I am adding them to the body of the main text (at the end).

Unlike Gilligan, I haven't had much lagoon experience, and it really looks bad on my resume. In fact, the only lagoon that I have visited is the Submarine lagoon in Tomorrowland. Seriously, shouldn't that be enough? Look at it:

That is one awesome lagoon. It's got a Monorail going over it! That ought to count for something in this crazy mixed up world. Other lagoons can be swampy and inhabited by poisonous snakes and deadly shrieking turtles. Not this one (though it is occasionally a home to mermaids); now that I think about it, this is the best lagoon ever!

I like this next shot because you can see how the Autopia track divides the water into the "clear water" system to our right (the color of a beautiful tourmaline); and the "dark water" system to our left (the color of pea soup), which extends all the way through Adventureland, Fantasyland, and Frontierland. It looks more natural, and is also handy for hiding underwater mechanisms. PS, blue Monorail!

Here are the comments: Thanks to the GDB readers who took the time!

Chuck said...
Considering everything else they were able to put together with bamboo and seashells, I'm surprised the crew and passengers of the SS Minnow didn't build a monorail for their lagoon. 

Chuck, don't forget coconuts! You can build almost anything with bamboo and coconuts. I personally would love the idea of a bamboo Monorail.

K. Martinez said...
Practically unrecognizable today!

Anonymous said...
Wouldn'tve minded putting something together with Mary Ann...

Heya Major,

I notice that the rock wall adjacent to t he "A" side queue is bare of vegetation; it would eventually become covered in some leafy plant growth. I just had to point that out to cement my reputation of "telling time by ivy growth" obsession...

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