Monday, November 24, 2014

New Orleans Square, September 1976

I can never get enough of New Orleans Square; it is one of the least-represented lands in my collection (though I have even fewer from Critter Country, and none from Toon Town!).

I'm sure many of you recall the woman who ran for mayor of New Orleans back in 2006 who used a photo of Disneyland's New Orleans Square on her campaign web page. Was it on purpose (because it looked so clean), or did somebody not know the difference? Anyway, I'll bet that if you told the general public that this was a photo of the real Crescent City, they'd buy it. The curved wrought iron balconies feel so genuine! By the way, I am going to be running for Mayor of New Orleans in the next election; Sure, I'll have to wait four years, but it'll be worth it. Vote early, vote often.

Anyway (!), the line for Cafe Orleans (sponsored by Sara Lee) is short, let's go there for our Monte Cristo sandwich and mint julep.

Here's another view of Cafe Orleans, looking shady and lovely. It looks like there's a waitress to the left, do they still have a wait staff to take your order and bring you your food? Or has it switched over to a window service eatery? (For some reason I labeled this slide "Creole Cafe", which is just dumb).


Nanook said...


Well, you've certainly got my vote-! Just the idea of votin' for any candidate named 'Major Pepperidge' starts my heart to thumping at least 10 or 15 beats a minute-!

And what's wrong with calling it the 'Creole Cafe'-?

Thanks, Major.

K. Martinez said...

Of course Café Orleans was originally called "Creole Café" in its first year of operation, but you might've labeled it that way to keep your jpg files unique, yet together. Café Orleans is the one single Disneyland restaurant I haven't eaten at yet. Perhaps some day I'll do it. Love both images today! Thanks, Major.

Connie Moreno said...

I can tell you that yes, they do have waiters as I ate there about 4 months ago. The food is still great and the first photo brought back some cool memories! I had forgotten that once upon a time, you could enter the restaurant through that gate. Then, they created an entrance slightly behind those folks in the pic and then maybe two years ago, changed the entrance to the other side of the restaurant. Oh and the Monte Cristo has changed and not for the better I'm afraid.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Major you would have my vote (and several illegal additional votes).

I'll pass on the Monte Christo, although it sounds yummy I saw last week on Disney By Mark the sandwich is $25 now, ouchie.

I love how we still have the floppy hat vibe from sunday, oh the 60's and 70's!

Melissa said...

Too much imaginary dialog going on in that café picture to leave it uncaptioned.

Melissa said...

I'm going to run for Mayor of Tomorrowland. It comes with a built-in campaign song about how great, big, and beautiful tomorrow is, and all the people will be moved.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I can call it whatever I want, I guess, but the sign does say "Cafe Orleans"!

K. Martinez, I only wish I was that clever with my labeling. That is WAY too organized for me. I have never eaten at that restaurant either.

Connie, I'm glad to hear that they still have waiters. I think I heard about the changes to the Monte Cristo, maybe on "Diningland" on "The Disneyland Gazette" podcast!

Alonzo, a vote for me is a vote for fun! I've never had a Monte Cristo, mostly because I have friends who say that they always have "tummy troubles" after eating one (too greasy). No thanks!

Melissa, this reminds me of the "Photo Funnies" in ancient issues of "National Lampoon". I wonder if Bing Crosby ever went to Disneyland, by the way?

Melissa again, if you could get the people moved again, I would vote for you right now!

JG said...

We had lunch here on a visit many years ago. My son was very small and was having a terrible day, very tired and cranky from too much fun.

We chose this spot because of table service. I held him on my lap till he fell asleep. He napped there for about an hour and everyone rested up before heading on.

Thanks for these pics, Major. Very nice.


Major Pepperidge said...

JG, I wish I knew how old I was on my first trip to Disneyland... I must have been pretty little. But the park can be overwhelming! It's nice that you were willing to take a little time out and let your son get a much needed nap.