Sunday, November 09, 2014

Murky Adventureland, January 1965

Here are two more from a mysteriously murky set of photos (though a few of them are bright and clear, whu??). Photo lesson #1: Do not smear chocolate syrup on your lens.

This is what it looks like when you squint your eyes into the narrowest slits possible. I like to drive on the freeway like this and pretend I'm in a video game. 

Matt over at the Vintage Disney Alice in Wonderland blog (which I recommend) inspired me to post a lightened version of the dark photos, and you know what? in this case it came out reasonably good! You can certainly see more stuff. Thanks Matt! Our red-caped tour guide holds her riding crop up so that we can see her more easily amongst the crowds (notice the triangular tour label hanging from the riding crop to prevent people follow some other guide). 

Over at the pre-show area for The Enchanted Tiki Room, an elegant lady (white gloves and pearls!) poses next to Tangaroa. Not to mention one of those funky trash cans. 

I almost wish I hadn't lightened this one, since we can now see the family of zombies over to the right!


Nanook said...


I don't know about you, but I always follow the correct dress code when visiting Disneyland: It starts with 'sensible shoes', and ends with white gloves and a string of pearls. (It's much easier to cut-in line when you're wearing a stylin' outfit-!)

Thanks, Major.

Nancy said...

the murkiness just adds to the adventure! its like the whole place is done ala Jungle Cruise in the mist. :-)

Chuck said...

Never really considered that a family unit would remain intact after zombification, but it makes sense. You know that old saying - the family that preys together stays together.

K. Martinez said...

Murky vision. This is what happens when you consume the wild berries known as the deadly bushman's poison. The only antidote known to man is the red sap that drips from the Dragon Blood trees, also located in the Adventureland region. It's time for a visit to Doctor Falls.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, the white gloves are so funny; they seem so impractical, but I guess that’s the nature of fashion - who CARES if it’s practical?? I like to wear swim fins just in case the “Big One” hits and California slides into the Pacific.

Nancy, it does seem to work for the Jungle Cruise! Not so much for Tomorrowland though, as we’ll see soon.

Chuck, I am already writing my sitcom about a family of zombies. It won’t just have cheap laughs though… it will have a heart. And brains, of course.

K. Martinez, the same thing happened to me when I munched on some of those delicious little frogs with the delightful bright colors. I guess they weren’t gluten free, because I didn’t feel too good afterwards. Stupid frogs!