Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Original Indian Village, 1956

Back in the early days, the Indian Village was located right on the edge of Adventureland - note the broad-leafed tropical plants just over the mini-berm (banana plants, maybe?). I'ts hard to tell, but the dance circle looks like it was smaller. One of the Indian performers is taking a well-deserved break.

How did anybody ever survive without a mobile device to keep them occupied in those quiet moments? No "Candy Crush" or "Angry Birds" or "Temple Run"… it must have been awful. I remember being stuck with nothing but my own thoughts, and I didn't like it one bit.

This followup is kind of blurry, but I thought I'd include it anyway. Why I am so fascinated with the close proximity of the Jungle Cruise? Because I'm weird, that's why.


Chuck said...

Didn't they have to move the Indian Village after a rather vicious hippo attack?

Anonymous said...

These are pretty cool Major! From the looks of things in the background, the grizzly population was down 2 members that year, but the bear skin rug inventory was up 2.

Don't believe everything you think.

Bill in Denver

Melissa said...

There's an Angry Bird right on that tent!

Anonymous said...

Actually those are buffalo (bison) hides or skins...

Major Pepperidge said...

Chuck, the Indians lived in peace and harmony with the hippos and heffalumps. It was considered a right of passage for a young Indian brave to put his head into the gaping mouth of a hippo.

Bill in Denver, I wonder if those hides are 100% artificial, or if they used real ones and somehow preserved them to withstand the elements. They sure look real!

Melissa, are you sure it's not a flappy bird?

Anon, whatever you call them, I call them delicious.

Tom said...

That's pretty much where New Orleans Square is now I think. I really liked the open spaces of the old Frontierland; it just kept getting more crowded.

I hope they never decide to clear cut the jungle and fill in the river to make way for a "Frozen"-based ride.

Clyde Hughes said...

Great shots. Y'know, I think those hippos and the rest of hippopotomusatia were just fine 'n' dandy with the Indian village being 'just over the berm.'

Say, isn't the Indian in the first 2 photos playing the drum? What a cool way to suspend the drum...Gene Krupa would've been delighted, although the Slingerland hardware was a little more updated and slickety.

You never know, it might've actually been the Hekawi tribe from F-Troop, along with loveable Chief Wild Eagle (Frank DeKova).

Over and Under,

Major Pepperidge said...

Tom, somehow I always think of New Orleans Square as being more west-ish, but I really don’t know. I’m finally going to see “Frozen” (I know, maybe I’m the last person to do so), I hope I like it.

Clyde, I can’t tell if he is playing the drum, or just sitting next to it. Gene Krupa played at Disneyland, so maybe he saw that setup. Extra points for the F-Troop reference!

Snow White Archive said...

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