Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Random Snapshots

Like the title of today's post says, we're going to be looking at some old snapshots today. Slides are always better, but the humble photo print can still be fun.

The clothing on the guests has changed, but otherwise this April 1977 shot doesn't look much different from similar pictures from the 50's. 

Here's one from the 1979 Christmas parade. Notice the Sunkist Citrus House in the background.

Finally, this black and white photo is dated "June 21 1970" and features a mural of some kind, with Goofy piloting a submarine. A note on the back says that this was in the Bell Telephone exhibit - I'll have to take their word for it since I have no memory of this at all.


K. Martinez said...

Yes, the B&W photo looks to be from the Bell Telephone exhibit where you called the different Disney characters on the phone. At least that's what I remember way back then. Can anyone else confirm that?

K. Martinez said...

Yep, it's definitely the Character phones from the Bell exhibit.

Here's another shot of the same area:


Nancy said...

pretty cool! i actually like the hazy look of the two color photos, makes me think it was a warm day at Disneyland. Especially enjoy seeing the 2 metal strollers. Those were classic!

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, that last pic (for me, at least) is one of those Disneyland "holy grail" shots. I have seen very few pics taken of this area, but I remember it very well from childhood. And yes, it was located at the exit to CircleVision.....in the far left corner of the exhibit space. You could pick up a phone and hear Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Snow White, Grumpy, Jiminy Cricket and the Bell Telephone Operator. They would explain things like proper phone etiquette and how to dial the operator for help. Each one of them was located in a DL attraction. Mickey was in the Skyway, Donald was in the Mark Twain and Goofy was in a Submarine. Behind the Goofy was the Matterhorn and in the upper right corner of you pic, you can see part of the cutout hole in the Matterhorn where one of the characters was located.....but I can't remember which one was there. One of the characters was also located in the Castle. This pic totally made my day! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

'70's Disneyland, a good way to start the day.

Also, "What TokyoMagic said" I remember this area (vaguely) as he describes it, but did not recall until now, the character murals, only talking to them on the phone. There was also a mock-up of the videophone, which I recall doubting that we would ever see available to the public.

Now, I use one almost everyday, but not by Bell Systems.

Thank you, Major.


Melissa said...

When will they learn to stop letting Goofy pilot vehicles of any kind?

I love the stylized train on a bridge in the background; the two wheels look like alarmed eyes. "Woo-woo! That dog's gonna crash right into us!"

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, thanks for the info and the link to that picture. That little kid is kind of funny!

Nancy, they are hazy because they are low-quality prints, but I guess it does add a certain nostalgic quality to them!!

TokyoMagic!, I'm glad you liked that one! I have mp3's of the phone "conversations" with the different characters, but I have NO memories of that area at all. And I'm sure I must have seen it. I would love to see a complete photo of the area - and I'm sure you would too!

JG, did the videophone show a video loop? OR maybe it didn't even work at all and just had a photo glued to the screen? Even now I'm not sure I like the idea of a videophone for most applications.

Melissa, Goofy can handle the vehicles that are on tracks. Except for the train, which he would probably derail.

Melissa said...

That picture of the same area IS cool, K Martinez - looks like a totally different space in color. (Also SQUEE for the little plaid trousers!)

My sister and I were in EPCOT on her birthday last year, and the CM at the American Adventure surreptitiously motioned us over to a little alcove. I didn't know if it was some kind of Masonic ritual or if he was trying to sell us dodgy copies of Thomas Jefferson's pocket watch, but he just pointed to an antique-looking plain wooden box on a table and whispered to my sister, "Look inside," and buggered off.

We didn't see Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg anywhere, so we figured it was safe. Inside was this decidedly non-Colonial-looking phone. She gingerly picked it up, listened for a minute, then dissolved into giggles so hard she had to sit down.

"Was it Ben Franklin, calling from beyond the grave?" I said."'This is Ben Franklin, calling from the grave. Wish you were here.' Was it Zombie George Washington? Guest Services?"

"It was..." *giggle* "Goofy! Calling to say..." *giggle* "...to say Happy Birthday!"

TokyoMagic! said...

I just realized that if you "lighten" that last pic until it is almost completely washed out, you can see Jiminy Cricket in the engine of Casey Jr. So now we know where he was located. I also took a second look at the photo that K. Martinez provided a link for and realized that kid is wearing a suit and platform shoes. I wonder what the occasion was?

Snow White Archive said...

Good info on that last pic Tokyo. Thanks! I wonder what Snow White had to say on the phone.