Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Two From '57

Grandma (I presume) poses with her two adorable granddaughters in front of Merlin's Magic Shop in this 1957 photo. I love the weathered green color of the "plaster" - it is beautiful its way, and feels super old. Next to grandma is one of the little letter boxes where guests could drop postcards to family and friends, and King Arthur's Carrousel is to our left. The yellow paper parasol reminds me of one that my sister had when she was very young.

This view, as seen from the Skyway, is very familiar; but I never get tired of it! Beyond the magnificent TWA Moonliner we can see how well the berm helped to insulate the park from outside distractions. The Astro Jets look so cheerful and toylike.


K. Martinez said...

Cool second image. I love the matching red-and-white color scheme of the Moonliner and the Astrojet tower against a beautiful blue sky above and charcoal gray walkways below. Nice!

Thanks, Major. Have a happy and safe Christmas Eve everyone!

Nancy said...

Never get tired of looking at the very early views of Tomorrowland. So simple, like things were back then.

Happy Christmas Eve! :-)