Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Totally Minnie Parade, April 1987

Howsabout some vintage Disneyland parade pictures (assuming that 1987 counts as "vintage")? I know there are parade fans out there! 

This is the "Totally Minnie" parade, a salute to Minnie Mouse, with a wacky "music video production" theme as well. Mickey's personality had been sanitized to the point of blandness (how I loved the early, mischievous Mickey!), and poor Minnie fared even worse; she was just "Mickey's gal", ever smiling and waving. So, it was nice that the powers that be decided to turn the spotlight a bit more in her direction. 

Here's Mickey… he's sort of lost in the murk, but it looks like he is dressed like a big shot Hollywood producer. 

Pluto used to be an actor, but his career path has taken him behind the scenes. Now he is an iron-fisted producer of exploitation films. He has a mansion and a yacht. 

One of the Tweedles does something tweedly while following a float...

And there she is, Minnie herself! Did you know that her ears were pierced? It was done with a bb gun. All of her fans recognize that dress from that Duran Duran video - you know, the one where she rolled around on the grass? It was pretty daring for its day. But she has no regrets. You go, mouse!

At some point, six of the seven dwarfs had botox injections (Grumpy opted out, naturally). Sure, they look younger, but their faces have a strange, mask-like look too. Show business, what are ya gonna do.


Nanook said...

I don't know, but if you ask me, the outfit Minnie is wearing makes her more resemble a fortune teller than Mickey's gal. (Madame Sophia, anyone-?)

And, Major, I have to agree with you on the facial conditions of the Dwarfs - they do look rather... "smooth".

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, maybe that was sort of the Stevie Nicks gypsy thing going on. I see that Minnie's top is covered in very '80's triangles. The long necklace looks like a 1920's flapper. The Dwarfs should use Grecian formula to dye their beards, they'll look years younger!

Nancy said...

Fun to see Minnie in the spotlight! Not to mention that its just plain fun to visit Disneyland here with the gorilla!

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! :)

K. Martinez said...

I remember this parade from the early years of the Eisner Era. It was pretty good.

I like the visible Alpine Gardens souvenir stand in images 2 and 5.

Thanks, Major and readers for another fantastic year of GDB fun. Here's looking forward to another great year.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nancy, I wonder if Minnie has ever been featured since that parade! Her 15 minutes didn't last long.

K. Martinez, thanks very much, I hope I can continue through all of 2014!

Melissa said...

Chip and Dale are the music directors? That's nuts! And I wouldn't put Daisy Duck in charge of costumes unless you want everyone running around with no pants on. Oh, is this one of THOSE videos? I guess Minnie didn't get all those Mardi Gras beads for nothing.

Her name is Minnie and she dances on the sand,
Just like that river twisting through all Disneyland.
And when she greets you, she waves one four-fingered hand,
Oh Minnie, Minne, dancing to Duran Duran.