Monday, October 14, 2013

Two More From the Early 70's

I'm down to the last few stereo slides from the early 1970's - here is the penultimate post from that batch!

The afternoon sun gleams off of the Mark III Monorail as it races toward the Disneyland Hotel. To the right (beneath the beamway) you can just see the sign advertising the Hotel's miniature golf course. Pretty cool! I'm not loving the cars quite as much as I do in earlier parking lot photos.

There's the Ernest S. Marsh locomotive at the station; the "Disneyland" flag is flying overhead, though I prefer the earlier version with Mickey's portrait. Speaking of portraits, I think it's odd that they put a small hedge around Mickey's flower portrait - if you happened to be off to the side, it would block his smiling face. The posters are gone, I wonder when they were removed from the fence?


K. Martinez said...

Love the Mark III Monorail Gold pic. I remember those palms in the distance when I stayed at the Disneyland Hotel back in the 1970s. That's was about forty years ago. Time passes way too quickly!

K. Martinez said...

After looking at various online dated photos, I'm going to say the attractions posters were removed from the fence in the Spring of 1967.

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, it's funny how little details like tall swaying palm trees make an impression that lasts decades. And I think you might be right about the posters... what I need to do is look for photos of the station from '67 onward to see if I can narrow it down even further!

K. Martinez said...

I looked at the Daveland photo site and it shows a March 1967 photo with attraction posters and an April 1967 photo with no attraction posters. All other photos beyond that date have no attraction posters. That's how I came up with Spring 1967.

Check out the "MAIN STREET TRAIN STATION: 1966–1967" section from this link.

It's also interesting that Tomorrowland '67 opened shortly after and all the attraction posters that were a part of the Avenue of Flags were removed too. It must've been a clean sweep that year in which they removed those attraction posters from both locations.

After that, all I remember were attraction posters in the Disneyland entrance tunnels and Carnation Plaza Gardens. Of course there's still the vintage Tomorrowland attraction posters at Redd Rockett's Pizza Port.

Tom said...

The 70's parking lot view had its charms... but I agree it wasn't nearly as cool a scene as it was in decades prior. But I'd take it over the view today.

Nancy said...

I personally love 70s cars :)

I also miss the posters. On one of our trips out to Disneyland it was during the years that they had the attraction poster pins, and I have most of the Tomorrowland ones, mostly the attractions which are no more :(

JG said...

That station wagon right in the center of pic no. 1 looks exactly like the car we had in that era, so I am going to say it is ours.

Thank you Major.