Monday, October 21, 2013

Frontierland River at Dusk, July 1963

Today's pix are from a small group taken by a guest who apparently arrived at the park about an hour before sunset. So most of the photos were taken in a low-light situation, which led to some really dark pictures. At least that makes them different.

From the deck of the Mark Twain, we look back toward the southern end of Tom Sawyer Island;  Frontierland is still lit with the setting sun's afterglow. Aunt Jemima's restaurant is particularly rosy; a canoe is heading 'round the bend, and folks are waiting for a raft for one of the final trips back to the mainland (the island always closes as dusk).

A second photo was snapped just seconds later, and we can see one empty raft and one full raft. Green construction walls are all over the place, part of the earliest work on what would eventually become New Orleans Square.


Pegleg Pete said...

Today's photographs are wonderfully atmospheric. Thanks, as always. I can't wait to see the rest of the set.

Melissa said...

I know the worlds "magical" and "charming" get thrown around a lot is Disney circles, but that's the time of day at which they become the most appropriate in the parks. I can feel that river breeze right now, starting to become just a little cooler as the peepers come out to play.

K. Martinez said...

Back in the day, I remember this side of the park as quieting down quite a bit in the evening. It was the Tomorrowland side that was teeming with people at night. Nowadays it seems the reverse with that water show on the Rivers of America.

These photos seem a little extra special today. Thanks, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Sorry for my late replies, everyone... I've been crazy busy for the last few days!

Pegleg Pete, I only wish that these slides weren't *quite* as dark, but I do love the look of them.

Melissa, you have no idea how often I look for a word other than "magical". Once in a while it is the only word that will do, but Disney has taken it (along with "wishes" and "dreams") and kind of cheapened them. I've always wondered if the sounds of the peepers was genuine, or if it was a recording played over speakers.

K. Martinez, as I've said many times before, Frontierland in the evening used to be one of my favorite locations in Disneyland. Now it is a place to avoid. I need to go on a non-Fantasmic night.

Tom said...

These are great pics, with that magical twilight touch. And from the same month/year I was born; makes me wonder whether my parents wished they were in Disneyland instead of in a hospital down town.

Nancy said...

I love dusk the best at the Disney parks...the colorful lights are on and it is not dark out et, making them prettier IMO. :)

JG said...

I want to be there, not now, but then.