Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Personal Viewmasters - Fantasyland 1961

Here are a few more selections from some "Personal Viewmaster" reels. The views themselves are nothing special, though it was neat to be able to view them in 3-D when seen through the viewers. Since the reels were loaned to me, I only had time to scan one of the images per stereo pair. 

There's Casey Jr., chugging through the patchwork quilt of Storybook Land. This attraction is very much like a large version of a tabletop train layout; it is easy to imagine the whole ride reduced to the size of the top of a ping pong table. In fact, I want that right now, in my living room.

Casey again; the stylized rockwork is really cool.

You know what Skull Rock needed? Giant googly eyes. Genius, right?

And finally, here are the sculptures at Snow White's grotto. As is often the case, Dopey got cut out of the picture. How come there isn't a Major Pepperidge grotto anywhere?


Melissa said...

"How come there isn't a Major Pepperidge grotto anywhere?"

It's under the ping pong table.

Lovely pictures as always. I love the saturated colors of the Viewmaster slides.

Caspian said...

Aw, no Wigglevision.

K. Martinez said...

Yes, Giant googly eyes would be great along with a low hanging leather tongue you can pull to hear pre-recorded audio about the real untold stories of Disneyland.

Raimundo said...

Major, just show the plans for the Pepperidge Grotto, and your fans will get to work a-building it!

Major Pepperidge said...

Melissa, I have proposed that we tear down the Peter Pan ride and replace it with a Major Pepperidge meet and greet.

Caspian, people were not ready for full Wigglevision. It blew their minds!

K. Martinez, it takes a genius to think of something like a leather tongue that people can pull on!

Raimundo, that would be awesome! It will be just like the Snow White grotto, only with solid gold statues of me.

JG said...

These are special views. Thanks for them, lots of memories here.