Friday, May 31, 2013

More Unrejected Instamatics!

It's time to UNreject some previously rejected Instamatic pix. In spite of their flaws, they are still kind of great. Just like all of us!

Here's an odd one. Some guy (disguised as Roy Disney?) has the park all to himself. It doesn't look like this was taken first thing in the morning, so where the heck is everyone? I would enjoy this photo even better if it wasn't so blurry.

I say old chap, look at those geysers! Did you know that the Brits pronounce "geysers" as "geezers"? It's true, and it must makes me sad that their way is better. This picture was taken aboard the Mine Train, and is not so great.

This might have been a great picture of the exterior of the Alice in Wonderland attraction, except that our photographer was holding his gate handout in his left hand, and it was blocking part of the lens.

Well, I guess this one could have been worse! Inside the Opera House (where "Great Moments with Mr. Lincon can be found), you can see this beautiful model of the Capitol building. Pointing a flash directly at glass is a bad idea, but it mostly hit the mullion, luckily. Still... not a good photo.

I like this last one, even though it is too dark. Look how low the Peoplemover is, I didn't recall that it was ever at ground level. Of course it is heading uphill so that the Autopia can pass beneath it.

Oh yes, there will be more unrejected slides to come.


TokyoMagic! said...

Thanks Major, I learned a new word today.....MULLION!

D-ticket said...

Unreject away!

These are fun, mostly for the fact that they are from a very different time, when you didn't see what you got until the little yellow box came back from the drug store, and you arrayed all your slides in the carousel. Someone get the lights! Oops blurry. What's that red thing? Ooh reflection. Well, these were just practice, I'll do better next time.

Not to worry, we're enjoying them half a century later. Love the colours in the Alice shot!

Nancy said...

Just what D-ticket said. Always enjoy the early photos, when things were fresh and uncomplicated.

Especially like his description of the excitement of getting to see what the camera saw. Those days seem to be long gone already

Love how close the Peoplemover is to the ground, and that really DOES look like Roy Disney visiting the castle. :-D

K. Martinez said...

Nice photo of the castle through the looking glass.

Nice Alice in Wonderland image. It's always interesting to see the lack of vegetation and flowerbeds around the original Fantasyland dark rides unlike New Fantasyland.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Red peoplemover so low you can almost touch it as you drive by. Good way to start friday morning. Thanks.

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, "mullion" is a word that will definitely not come in handy very often! (FYI, the horizontal equivalent to a mullion is a "transom").

D-ticket, as a kid I found that most of my pictures came back from the Photomat looking much worse than I expected! I was no Ansel Adams.

Nancy, I would be thrilled to find an actual photo of Roy O. Disney walking around Disneyland! But I am not holding my breath.

K. Martinez, I always think of Disneyland as having so much landscaping, but parts of that old Fantasyland were definitely on the barren side.

Alonzo, this photo really surprised me, the Peoplemover was SO low. Did it remain that way through the years, until the Rocket Rods replaced it?

Trish Blassingame said...

Hello from a first time poster! I visit you every day but today I Just have to post. Your comment in the first photo write-up about where is everybody? Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't DL closed on Mondays for many years? And if so this could have been taken on a Monday?

I'm afraid I don't know if these are your photos or not :0)

Great photos!

Tom said...

Great photos!

I especially like that castle shot. Even with the full sun grazing the towers, the darker side still stands out. The puffy clouds in the blue sky coupled with the soft focus lends a sort of dreamlike quality to it.

PsySocDisney said...

Who you calling "flawed?" I'll have you know I am PERFECT!

Anyway. Any Living Desert shot is fine by me, as you know, so that one is definitely an unreject. Also, it looks like i can step right into that Peoplemover shot... before getting in the way of traffic of course. Fun post today!

Nanook said...

@TokyoMagic! and Major - why stop at 'mullion'. How's about 'muntin' for esoteric window parts-?

Anyways, I join-in with my fellow readers, that although not necessarily worthy of a "Kodak Picture Spot" image, these are none-the-less a treat for eyeballs hungry to see the less-traveled views from Disneyland. Keep 'em coming.

Thanks, Major.

Anonymous said...

The shadows are certainly long enough to be early morning light in the first shot. Unfortunately the shadows don't say "It's Monday, we're closed!" we can't know which day it is, but wouldn't that be cool if we could??!!

Also, I love saying mullion. Mullion. Mullion.

Bill in Denver

Major Pepperidge said...

Trish Blessingame, thanks for your first comment! You are correct, the park did close on Mondays and Tuesdays for many years; but a friend of mine took these when he was a teenager, and I am pretty sure he didn't have access to the park on "off" days. Still, it is weird that the castle, the very heart of the park, looks deserted except for that one guy.

Tom, sometimes the soft focus does lend a dreamy quality to the pictures, but I thought that the first one was maybe a bit TOO dreamy!

PsySocDisney, I figured it was implied that I meant "Everyone except PsySocDisney"! Next time I will be more specific.

Nanook, "muntin" is a good one too; I used "mullion" since it was specifically a vertical piece, though either would have worked. And there is still a nice bunch of Instamatics to come, so stay tuned!

steve2wdw said...

Is it me, or is the picture of the castle reversed?

Nanook said...

@steve2wdw -

It isn't just you; the castle image is indeed flopped. Somehow we all missed it.