Friday, April 06, 2012

Frontierland, June 1960

Today we're in Frontierland! It's rootin', but only a little tootin'.

This first picture, from June 1960, is fascinating to me. Nature's Wonderland had only just opened, and apparently not everything was completely ready to go. As you can see, the area known as "Bear Country", seen from the dramatic perspective of the trestle bridge over the water, has only one measly bear!

Here's a photo from 1972 for comparison. Six bears! SIX! I've noticed that this particular scene does have a tendency to change over the years.

And how about this picture? A beauty (also from June 1960) of Cascade Peak when all of the falls were really roaring. Years later, the top cascade was sometimes turned off, and the impressive flow of water was reduced on the others. I'm sure the massive pumps cost a lot to run. I love the canoe, and just about everything else about this photo!


Rich T. said...

That is the most beautiful shot of Cascade Peak I've ever seen!

The shot of Bear Country made me think of the possibilities for film tie-ins had they not bulldozed Nature's Wonderland. The first section could have been "Brother Bear" themed with Phil Collins music blaring throughout, and the desert could have been "Home on the Range," with a Rosanne-voiced cow yammering at riders. Rainbow Caverns could have gotten a Hannah Montana light show makeover. I'd like to think such things would never happen...but I just saw a shot of the new "Avengerrail" at Walt Disney World. :(

Major Pepperidge said...

Rich T, I've probably already ranted about my dislike of the movie tie-ins on rides that originally had none (like "Pirates of the Caribbean". Now they have plans to sully the Matterhorn (yes, I know about "Third Man on the Mountain", but that is an old and vague tie-in) and the Jungle Cruise.

K. Martinez said...

Hi Major, besides the Matterhorn re-paint and new bobsleds (which I'm not fond of), what other plans do they have for the Matterhorn and Jungle Cruise? This is new to me.

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, I was referring to some movies that Disney has planned, one based (somehow) on the Matterhorn, and another based on the Jungle Cruise. For a while, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen were supposedly interested in the Jungle Cruise movie. I can't wait for AA figures of those actors to pop up in the ride (ugh)!

TokyoMagic! said...

And how about a James MacArthur A.A. figure in the Matterhorn? I've been waiting for that since it's 1978 remodeling!

Major, I hate the tie-ins too, but MAN, if NWMT had somehow lasted this long and a Brother Bear/Home On The Range tie-in was the only thing that would keep in from being bulldozed, I would definitely say go for it. Sort of like the Nemo tie-in on the Subs. I would have rather had the original Submarine Voyage back (or an updated version of it) instead of cartoon fish being added to it, but at least it didn't get bulldozed like WDW's Subs. Same with the Tarzan Treehouse....I HATE it, but at least they didn't bulldoze the whole thing. There I go saying "at least" again. It would be nice one day if I didn't have to say "at least" because they did something right the first time around. Probably won't happen.

Orange Co Native said...

The second photo. The area where the stream is located and the two large tree trunks is all a concrete pathway now which runs right past Thunder Mountain. The pond in the forefront in front of the two bears in the water still exist. Even a couple of the fish jumping out of the water still can be seen today (Sometimes they are still jumping and sometimes not. It depends on the day I guess).

The area in the foreground just in front of the two black bears in the water might also be under concrete as well depending on the walkway and how far Thunder Mountain was built out toward ROA. I want to say the the edge of Thunder Mountain would be about where that beaver dam is in the second photo and everything coming forward would be the now existing concrete pathway until you get just past the two black bears in the water or about even with the the tree with the bee hive hanging from the branch. In this photo, the Mine Train is coming out of the tunnel (which still exists today).

If you guys already know all this junk. Please forgive me. However, there might be someone reading this who does not.

Great photos of an attraction that was on par with the Jungle Cruise. It is too bad it was plowed under to make room for Thunder Mountain (A good ride too). It is just too bad we lost Mine Train.

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, that's a great idea! He should be wearing mouse ears too. I know what you mean about saving Nature's Wonderland, although my skin would crawl every time I saw a "Brother Bear" addition (or whatever). I AM glad that we still have our subs though, and the Tarzan Treehouse too, so your point is well taken.

OC Native, thanks for the info! I didn't know all that stuff, and I know everything! (Joke) It amazes me that anything remains of that old attraction after all this time. How do you manage to keep track of what was where?

K. Martinez said...

Major, Thanks for the reply. Now I understand. I was aware of the planned movies, but was hoping they were dropped. The Jungle Cruise and Matterhorn have always been my two favorite attractions and I don't like some of the changes they've done to them already.

Orange Co Native, I always appreciate hearing about the details of past attractions even if I've heard them before. Once in a great while I learn something new from them.

Katella Gate said...

Major Said:
"For a while, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen were supposedly interested in the Jungle Cruise movie. I can't wait for AA figures of those actors to pop up in the ride (ugh)!"

You know, you'd think Disney would have learned their lesson with Superstar Limo...

Ikon Wolf said...

That bear in the first photo sure keeps a nice weed free lawn.

Chiana_Chat said...

Rather bare in the first pic. A lot more bear in the second pic!

I'd be ok with a tasteful nod to the original Third Man on the Mountain at the Matterhorn (though they didn't seem to think the movie was worth a good transfer for DVD, so that'd be a surprise).

The film doesn't need a remake but it should be possible to make a great new movie on the same premise and I'd welcome it. A tie in to that is not welcome and risky; sure Pirates is a success but imagine if they imposed the Eddie Murphy Haunted Mansion bomb on the classic attraction. No need; the Matterhorn has been and is a massive hit on its own.