Sunday, June 05, 2011

Major Pepperidge's Photo Class

Here are two lessons on how to take pictures at Disneyland!

First up, be sure to focus on an uninteresting lamp post/mail box while leaving the rest of Main Street as a blur in the background. Be sure to bisect the frame symmetrically as possible. Make sure to lean a bit to the left so that everything is a bit off kilter.

Make sure to have all of the subjects of interest far away and behind foliage, or lost in shadow. Tilted to the left? Check! This image reminds me of the unknown master who took this series of photos.


Connie Moreno said...

Well no wonder my blog has no followers - my pictures aren't interesting. Thanks for setting me straight!

Jason Schultz said...

These are actually great pictures of details that "good" photographers don't normally stop to capture! For example, how many other photos do you have of early Guest Control stanchion poles and rope?

Major Pepperidge said...

Connie, I'm pretty sure this wasn't meant to be a criticism of your blog!! You have great pictures, anyway.

Progressland, you are trying like crazy to find that silver lining!

rusty said...

Whether "good" picture taking or not, I never tire of seeing the Disneyland of the past.

Caspian said... the Major's comments.

210Frwy said...

Thanks for cheering me up today.

I’m morning the passing of Wally Boag and Betty Taylor. Rest in peace.

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, you are too funny. That first pic immediately reminded me of your hilarious post with the concrete/asphalt pics and I was going to try to do a search for it. Thanks for providing the link and the good laugh....again!

Jason Schultz said...

I just made my own tribute post to this!: A Tribute to a Photographer

Major Pepperidge said...

210Frwy, I saw the announcement on Daveland's blog... both Wally and Betty will be missed.

Rust, TokyoMagic!, and Caspian... THANKS!

Also many thanks to Progressland for a good laugh.

JG said...

What Progressland said.

Major, I have been checking out the back catalog of GDB, thanks for the link to some highlights. Too funny.

Also, I notice that your fauz-artistic commentary not only sounds plausible, but could accompany almost any series of photos in the blog, proving that Modern Art is all in the perception of the viewer and nothing to do with the intent of the creator.

Not bad progress for a couple of posts.


Major Pepperidge said...

JG, I often find "art speak" to be laughable. I like Modern Art in general, but it really does feel like we are being conned in some cases. The emperor has no clothes!

I saw Robert Longo interviewed at LACMA, and while I like his art, he was trying SO damn hard to explain his work in terms that would satisfy the very pretentious interviewer.

clarkforkchronicle42 said...

Aha! I've been searching for weeks -- since my May 14th trip to the park -- trying to find this very location!
While milling around Main Street one night while my wife and child spent money, I happened upon this location and found the mailbox and to my surprise and delight found my last name -- Hebert -- on the box.

Not exactly my own window one Main St. but I'll take it! Glad you posted that photo, even if no one else is :)