Friday, June 18, 2010

Nature's Wonderland, April 1966

It's time for a few "Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland" photos!

This first one isn't so great, but I'm jealous of those kids riding in the cab. To be honest, you got a much better view from one of the open-air gondolas, but seriously, where would you rather ride?

....As we come out of this first tunnel, we'll be entering Beaver Valley. Looks like the beavers are building another dam... yes sir, they're really busy as a - heh heh well, busy as a beaver. Wa-waaaaa!

...You know, bears are one of the most playful animals there is. Lazy too! All they wanna do is lay around and scratch and fish and swim; that is, when they ain't sleepin'! Those bears are infested with chiggers, I'll wager. Say, what are those mysterious ripples in the river?

Well, I'll be! It's some of those fishin' bears we just heard about. Looks like that one's a keeper, let's just hope his license is up to date.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I'd take the cab any day over the open air cars!

Speaking of the cab, WHERE IS IT? Its gone from its "resting place" along the river, I wonder where it went? Someone better check Tony B's back yard!

Sam Towler said...

Rumor has it the last faux locomotive and cars were sent to the Disney archives; whether or not they are even going to restore it is beyond my knowledge.

Anonymous said...

I like the big rollercoaster that replaced the mine train, but i miss the slower pace of many of the old attractions, a shorter wait for a longer ride, more relaxing. and not everyone enjoys the neck-snapping effect.

there's an opportunity here to get some of the layering that old Disneyland featured by intertwining a mine train ride with the big thunder, slow and fast in the same general environment.

They'll never do it though.

Thanks for the pics, I had forgotten the bears...and the chiggers.


TokyoMagic! said...

And they removed this attraction, WHY????

I really like JG's idea, but he/she's right, they would never do it.

TokyoMagic! said...

Idea....if DCA is now supposed to be "Walt's California," why not just rebuild this attraction over there? They can also rebuild Tomorrowland '67 over there while they're at it!

Major Pepperidge said...

I love the idea of a new Mine Train attraction, but maybe it really is too slow, too "old school" for today's audiences. I don't think you'll ever see a large, immersive experience again.

On another subject, I still dream of a redone Adventure Thru Inner Space, with new effects (but KEEP the Paul Frees narration!).

Nancy said...

a lot of good ideas for all of it!! i am so all over the Tomorrowland '67 idea, TM! :-)

a land honoring the original attractions would be awesome.

ATIS is another one that i never got to ride but always wanted to.

AZGuy said...

When they did the rehab of the Rivers of America this year (Jan-May 2010), why did they not include some inspirational new things along the river instead of static figurines. Look at the old Mine Train Ride from the 1960's with bears catching fish or beavers swimming in the water. That was technology from the early 1960's. I'm sure they could come up with something just as good or better today.
Another question is what is Disneyland going to do with that 1-2 acres that use to be the Festival of Fools where the old Mine Train desert use to be? There is a perfect place for an attraction.

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, I have that same dream!!!! But yes, they would have to keep the Paul Frees narration if they were going to redo it.

I also think they should restore the Carousel of Progress to it's 1964/NYWF or 1967/DL version with the original Rex Allen soundtrack and just take out the G.E. references. I'm sure they could do it. As it is now it jumps from the 1940's to 1994 and if they were to ever redo that last scene it would be even more of a jump. Yep, just restore that last scene to the 1960's and be done with it, I say!

AZGuy, the Rivers of America redo is a little frustrating. I think some of those animals could have just been bought at the local home improvement/garden center.

Major Pepperidge said...

Tokyo, it is always funny when I hear people on podcasts who prefer the "Now is the Time" song over "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow", and like the new narration better. Whatever folks grow up with, that's what they love. Of course I'd love to see the original show, but (sounding like a broken record) I just don't think that the majority of the public would be interested.