Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Disneyland After Dark, August 1965

I propose that a giant dome should be built over Disneyland so that it can be night ALL the time. All of the balloons that kids accidentally let go of could be retrieved from the ceiling and resold - the dome will pay for itself in no time. Genius!

In the mean time, here are three nice vintage night photos. West Center Street looks inviting here, with crowds checking out the artificial flowers at the Flower Mart, or having their pictures taken with the Carnation truck. I also like the stained glass mortar and pestle above the Upjohn Pharmacy door, it's great to see it lit up.

The bright lights of the Crystal Arcade are drawing people in like moths. Once inside, everybody flutters and bumps around spastically.

Look at all the people milling around City Hall at night. Maybe there's a bathroom nearby, because there sure isn't that much to do in City Hall itself.


Chiana_Chat said...

Genius! I second the Maj's suggestion hehe

I like the top pic best what a neat place to hang around. I like that blue & red lamp/sign thingy opposite the Carnation wagon too. Can't read what it says but it's another of the great details around the park.

"The bright lights of the Crystal Arcade are drawing people in like moths. Once inside, everybody flutters and bumps around spastically."


But at City Hall there was the guest books to sign wasn't there? I tink it was by '65... anyway, as a tourist that was a big thing to do then. :) There's either ghosts in a strange blue glow or a TV on upstairs again and... seats. Let's ask the man sittin' and looking to the right. Let's ask the woman sittin' right next to the guy but lookin' to the left. Nope, nothing doin' folks.

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Nothing like old Disneyland at night. Got any Tomorrowland at night? With rock & roll music by the Mustangs? Just checking. Great pics MAJOR.

Chuck said...

The blue glow can easily be explained. From 1962 through 1969, the second floor of City Hall was home to Disneyland's Ghost Relations Department.

Anonymous said...


Progressland said...

If there wasn't much to do in City Hall, how come they made me work so many hours in there?

Major Pepperidge said...

I mean much to do *for the guests*! You could sign the guest books, and maybe get a pinback button, but was there much else for ordinary folks? Maybe I'm mistaken!

I did not intend to disparage the cast members who were there!

Nancy said...

love these...the pink hue of the lights makes them so pretty

Major Pepperidge said...

Unfortunately the lights weren't really pink (!), it's just that the slides are color-shifting a bit!!