Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunset at Knott's, 1950's

Today's undated Knott's Berry Farm images are certainly from the mid-1950's. I'd like to imagine that I just drove through miles and miles of farmland (with the occasional housing development) to have try one of those chicken dinners I've heard about. Might as well get there early so that we can explore the ghost town that Mr. Knott built to give restaurant patrons something to do while they wait. Sometimes the wait was two or three hours!

This picturesque road ("School Road") is pretty impressive in its weatherbeaten fashion. You can't have too many carriages - or can you? Mr. Knott says "No way!". Like all of today's photos, everything is glowing with the warm late-afternoon sun under a vivid blue sky. And boy, do I love those eucalyptus trees!

If you walked down to the end of School Road, you'd find the water tower, the train depot, and of course, the train! No Calico Mine Train or Log Ride yet though. I think that the tall lights are for the horse arena.

Here's an old wreck of a vehicle that probably spent many years out in the desert, exposed to the elements and rusting away. I assume that it is some sort of mining vehicle, perhaps hauling heavy chunks of gold or silver ore from the mine to the refinery. A little paint and the thing will be as good as new.

And finally, for those of you who haven't already heard, Imagineer and author Chris Merritt (who was so instrumental in the return of the Sleeping Beauty Castle walk-through) will be signing copies of his sure-to-be-amazing book, "Knott's Preserved" at Knott's Berry Farm on April 18. But it's much more than a book signing, it will be an all day event! Werner Weiss has already done a great writeup (including a pdf of the form to order tickets) on his wonderful "" website, read all about it HERE. Seating is very limited, but I understand that there are still some tickets available. Want a chance to see Rolly Crump (legendary Imagineer, and designer of "Knott's Berry Tales") and Bud Hurlbut (largely responsible for the Calico Mine Train and the Log Ride)? I do! How about a guided tour of the historic Ghost Town? And much more. I know it's going to be great!


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Oh boy, these are warm and yummy! I so wish the farm still looked like this! See you at the farm on the 18th!!!

Anonymous said...

When I see these pictures, I understand why my Dad loved Knotts so much.

These barns and old rusty equipment could have come from our farm (well, not the locomotive). He grew up in the desert and these buildings look just like old photos from his youth.

I remember Knotts differently, more commercial and "amusement" oriented. These pictures just look like an old farm.

Thanks for these.


Matterhorn1959 said...

Got my airplane tickets, hotel room, and rental car to be at Knott's on the 18th. I am heading to Disneyland on the 17th if anyone wants to meet me there.

Let's Talk Knott's said...

These pics are beauties! I sure do miss the Eucalyptus trees, they made the farm so serene. I look forward to seeing everyone on the 18th it is going to be a hoot!

Nancy said...

how beautiful. such wide open spaces and the colors are so rich...

have fun to everyone attending the events on the 18th...wish i could be there, too! :-)

Kelly said...

Even now, when I smell eucalyptus trees, I think of being at Knotts. Spent a whole lot of time there as a kid in the '70s.

William S. said...

How is Knott's processing the orders for the event on the 18th? Are they sending confirmation emails? I faxed over my order and now am waiting for a charge to appear on my cc, watching for emails... even called Knott's but had to leave my number (no callback). I'm afraid to wait too long -- if they didn't get my fax and the event sells out before I can resubmit!