Friday, July 10, 2009

A Selection From 1957

Welcome to 1957. It was a very nice year! "The Cat in the Hat" was published, the Frisbee was first produced by Wham-o, and Elvis appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.

How about a ride on the Mark Twain? You never get to see photos of it, so soak it all in!

Just look at how many people could fit in an Indian War Canoe! It's the frontier equivalent of the uptown bus. If a lady boards, it is polite to stand and let her have your seat.

Here's a slightly different look at Town Square, including the Opera House and the Bank of America. I've always loved the ornate facade of the Opera House, and hope that someday the folks at Disney will perform my operatic interpretation of "Steamboat Willie". It's three hours long.


yellow_sub said...

hahah now that would be one opera i'd love to see :)

Katella Gate said...

A new 3 hour opera based on "Steamboat Willie?" How exciting... doubly so if it's presented in Klingon.

Anonymous said...

As I recall, 16-18 maximum number of guests in the canoe...depending upon how it sat in the water based upon the total weight being "paddled". That was in the 70s. Appears the canoes remain the same length, so unless there is more flotation in them, the heavier guests of today may more limit the number on board. I treasure the memories of those days...what a great daily workout too. Jim Zorn (head coach of the Redskins) was one of the crew back then.

Chiana said...

What beautiful pics. Transport me to a wonderful place. :)

In 1957 the King of Pop was Nat King Cole and he was ruling the charts. So was the King of Rock, Elvis Presley, at his early peak. What a great year in a lot of ways.