Saturday, July 11, 2009

Murky Tiki Room, August 1964

In the murky murky murky murky Tiki Room...

Sorry about these dark slides, I figured I might as well post them on a Saturday when nobody's looking. Except for you! I lightened them, trying to keep them from getting too grainy in the process, with limited success.

Just look at all of those posters, they appear to have the show times (or something) printed on them. I have a later version of the Tiki Room poster, but would sure love to have one of these. Even with all of the murk, you can see that the imagineers did a swell job of making this appear to be made of bamboo, carved wood, and thatched palm fronds.

The "Barker Bird" is there, you have to look carefully. The bougainvillea adds a nice tropical feel with its hot pink flowers (and angry thorns!). You can barely see through the entrance as folks await the start of the pre-show.


Pierre said...

Pardon me madame, er monsieur, but I believe those are admission prices on the murky posters. Tiki Room was built using Walt's own money (through WED), therefore in some ways separate from the Park itself, and requiring a separate admission of 75 cents.

My question is, however, what's the deal with lei'd Vulcan behind the cuties in picture 2? I he a CM Barker trying to attract customers? He could be saying that this attraction is only 2 months old, which it was.

Murky or not, these are fascinating scans.

Matterhorn1959 said...

I would say the Vulcan is a cast member cajoling the crowd to visit the Tiki Room. Similar to the cast members attracting guests to ride the Jungle Cruise.

Anonymous said...

In the murky murky murky murky Tiki Room
In the murky murky murky murky Tiki Room
All the birds are lost in the dark and gloom
In the murky murky murky murky Tiki Room

TokyoMagic! said...

Oooooooooooh, the Barker Bird!

Chiana said...

Interesting Pierre, ty :)

Well the pic's not as clear as one would like but what can we do about that now. I'm glad to see it, I love the Tiki room incl. the exterior and seeing the '64 pipples is always neat-o daddy-o.