Saturday, June 20, 2009

Souvenir Saturday: Main Gate Passes

I guess it's time to delve into the ol' souvenir vault. By that I mean the three smallish cardboard boxes that hold most of my Disneyland paper! Trust me, it's not that great. But perhaps there are a few items of interest for you...

I have some vintage Main Gate passes, starting with this one from 1960. It is printed on card stock with a hard-to-counterfeit texture and scratchy green pattern. I wonder if studio employees received these? It was a pretty sweet deal to be able to bring 3 members of your biker gang with you.

The 1962 pass is pretty much the same deal, only it's on paper the color of, um, cooked salmon? And it has an interesting texture that reminds me of the cowling on "The Spirit of St. Louis", for whatever that's worth.

By 1963, it was the same swirly-textured paper, but now you had sharp corners. Don't put your eye out!

And finally, things get a bit more modern with the 1965 "tencennial" pass; ya gots the familiar Disneyland '65 logo, and a big, bold, graphic look.


Katella Gate said...

I find the "fine print" interesting because it shows how the use of Disneyland and its ticketing media changed over the years.

In 1960, it's issued to one person ONLY who must be present, and three additional people, who don't have rights for independent entry.

By 1962, they have to prevent private party "gate crashing" by specifying the ticket is good for normal hours only.

By 1965, notice the card has improved flexibility by permitting either the husband or wife to be the ticket holder, meaning Disney Corporate employees don't have to take the day off to send the kids to the park with mom.

CoxPilot said...

These passes were a yearly issue to Disneyland employees (and lessees). It was a benefit similar to some companies giving a yearly turkey at thanksgiving. In the early days it also came with a ticket book for rides, but that was quickly eliminated because of scalping.

Anonymous said...

Great find! Interesting that you got these without signatures... Actual blank stock.

The color of the main gate passes today let in the following.

Blue...Hourly with one year service (Limited number of "sign-ins".)
Silver..Hourly (10 yrs of service) or Management (Blue ID) unlimited "sign-ins" but suggested not every day.
Green..Contractor/Host company (Limited number of "sign-ins".)
Gold..VP level or above.
Red..VIP guest...(think coke main sponsor)
Purple..(cant remember)

Chiana said...

Mm well as long as the 1962 doesn't smell like cooked salmon. :p

Neat seeing these.

drew said...

I find the 1965 pass the most interesting. I did not realize that the Walt Disney logotype dated back that far.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!! The '65 Is my favorite, but they are all "Top Shelf". I want to see more of whats in those boxes!!!! Thanks! P.s. I have a few most of them are "blanks" too?

Nancy said...

very cool stuff...yeah, what else is in the box?? :D

Anonymous said...

The first one has a tiny printer's union logo. The rest don't.