Thursday, June 04, 2009

Jungle Cruise, August 14, 1956

Today's photos are oldies, taken when Disneyland was only 13 months old. They have faded a bit, but they are still high in fiber and vitamin N (the nostalgia vitamin).

Here's one taken aboard a Jungle Cruise boat back when the jungle was still looking a lot less lush than we are used to today. There are two kids (one partially obscured) sitting right up front, I can just imagine how intensely they are searching for wild animals and hungry headhunters! There is some sort of electrical outlet on the front panel of the boat, was this for the searchlight used at night?

Now we're on the middle deck of the Mark Twain looking towards Tom Sawyer Island and Harper's Mill; beyond that is an undeveloped Frontierland. These slides have lost some of their color, and appear almost sepia tone; in this case, it gives them a warm, old-fashioned quality that I find very appealing.


yellow_sub said...

It's amazing how simple yet amazing early Disneyland was. ahhhh what i would give to spend a day in 1950's Disneyland. Oh well i have this blog to keep reading so it's just as well :D

Chiana said...

High in Vitamin N! LOL Feel like I'm in those boats.

yup yellow_sub. It's simply amazing!

The Thinker past the Old Mill in the 2nd pic is thinkin'... "hm. What does this nostalgic scene of Americana need... a nightly high tech, laser-laden, 10,000 watt 150 decibel flash bang fantasy film Disney character extravaganza to sweep this pastoral scene and creaky old mill off to the side and dominate the whole 'Frontier' area!"

...anyone know if there's any plans to move Fantasmic to an appropriate setting that could use it, namely DCA?

yellow_sub said...

hahah yes i'll admit i love fantasmic buuut changing that part of the park was not needed for it. It should have been done differently. i'd honestly be interested in seeing how much scenery is still intact from the day Walt passed until today

TokyoMagic! said...

Fantasmic is okay, but it's not something that I want to see over and over. And yes, it should have been done differenty...perhaps like Orlando' on it's own somewhere, maybe in the back beyond Big Thunder. The view we get of the island now is just plain ugly.

Greal slides today, Major! Both have that "you are there" feeling.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out the electrical connection. Yes, that was used for the night spotlight. I had forgotten about this until you pointed it out. It's been nearly 32 years ago to the day that I gave my last spiel on the JC which was also my final day as a DL employee. Great memories relived.

Kevin Kidney said...

I love this blog for the fiber content.

Beautiful images. The island's tip with it's quaint mill and landscaping was so picturesque. I've always thought the scenery was somewhat spoiled when Fantasmic took over. I'd love to see a return to the lovely romantic peacefulness of evening on the Rivers of America.

Nancy said...

such nice, simple images, taken when "things" were young and natural. a trip back in time would be nice, indeed!

seems like the lagoon at DCA would be perfect for Fantasmic...a good suggestion