Saturday, May 31, 2008

June 1969

Here's a selection from the summer of '69!

First up is a nice shot of the castle on an apparently breezy day (look at how those banners are billowing!). Are those torches on top of the banners? I don't recall ever seeing a photo with flaming torches in front of the castle, but I'll bet it would look great!

Here's a different kind of castle - - Castle Rock, that is. Looks like fun, huh? Who knew that it would eventually go to theme park heaven. In a little more than a year after this slide was shot, Castle Rock would be crawling with yippies!

Yep, it's Town Square, and the Horse-drawn Streetcar is hauling a full load. Just visible through the streetcar is the Disneyland Band, sitting around the flagpole. The Wurlitzer building (that yellow one right in front of us) - - in fact the whole corner of Main Street - - looks kind of dead, as if a bunch of business had closed. What gives?

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Jason Schultz said...

A Disneyland person I know visited Disneyland Paris with his wife (on Disney's tab), probably shortly after it opened. From their Disneyland Hotel room overlooking the Park they watched the fireworks. Well, that night the fireworks set the Castle on fire! Obviously nothing too serious, but since you mention fire and the Castle...