Thursday, August 09, 2007

House of the Future, 1957

Here's a nice early photo of Monsanto's plastic House of the Future. If you look to the extreme left, you'll see part of Snow Hill, where the Matterhorn would be in two years. What's with the curb springing up in the middle of the street, making a second lane?

I am fascinated with this fanciful view of life in the future. This plastic house might not be the perfect home for everybody, but it's pretty darn cool! I'll bet it even had a snow cone machine. If everybody had a snow cone, there would be no wars.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more on the House of the Future.

COOL LINK ALERT!! Check out this film on youtube, showing Disneyland from Christmas 1955. We get a super rare look at the Mickey Mouse Club Circus show. In color! Check it out HERE.


Anonymous said...

The curb serves as a separator for pedestrians from the Omnibus - remember in those days the Omnibus went all the way up into Fantasyland.

Tannerman said...

Wow, education on curbs. How great!