Saturday, August 25, 2007

Go Ask Alice, August 1961

Whoooeee, what was I drinking last night? I could swear that there is a giant white rabbit with pince-nez glasses standing in front of me. He's telling me to do things, awful things. Get out of my head, giant rabbit!

If I remember my English Lit correctly (and I think that I do), the red heart on his chest means that his fellow bunnies found him guilty of adultery.

Notice how everybody is avoiding him. You'd think he was begging for loose change or something. They're just gonna keep on walking and hope he goes away. The lady in the plaid dress is clutching her bag nervously, while the little girl seems mighty amused by the cotton tail sticking out of his britches.

I don't remember the White Rabbit being particularly loveable in "Alice in Wonderland"...but he was memorable, and maybe that's all that matters.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the woman in blue plaid with the paper bag thinks she knows how to deal with fantasy street people like the rabbit: No eye contact, Unwelcoming body language, and a brisk walk.

That's not gonna stop the rabbit though, he knows she's packing a bottle of Olde Englishe 800 in that paper bag. She's gonna get pwn3d; the rabbit's gonna score some hard malt joy -- and then it's off to the Peoplemover for a portable party. Word.

Katella Gate

pixiegirltink said...

Boy, times have changed, huh?! It really does appear that the guests are avoiding the White Rabbit. (Maybe it was that Jefferson Airplane song?) Anyway, if that picture was taken in this era, you wouldn't be able to see White Rabbit through the dog pile mob wielding autograph books, digital cameras and cell phones. :)

Great blog. Love the descriptions!

Adam Hazlett said...

It's funny how the White Rabbit looks nothing like the one in movie. He does resemble thumper in a way...funny also how he has a hairless skin face, much like the country bears.