Thursday, April 04, 2019

Young Man River, 1997-ish

Here's another batch of not-that-old (roughly 20 years, according to UNIVAC) slide images, courtesy of Señor X. He loved that big old river in Frontierland, and was pretty upset when it was reduced in size for you-know-what. So he was happy to find these photos, recording how it looked in happier days.

First off is this standard view of the Mark Twain, coming in for a landing. Flaps are down, landing gear has been lowered - but I don't have to tell you about it. It's pretty enough, but seeing Cascade Peak still cascading (and peaking) raises this one by a few notches.

X must have been on the lowest level of the Mark Twain, right in front so as to avoid silhouetted heads and hats. The journey around the river had only just begun; the Mississippi was famous for its ever changing dangers such as shifting sand bars, snags, and sub-humanoids from the deep. As you can see, a family of rocks has gathered in front of us, as they do every equinox. Sure, it's neat, but those rocks will rip the hull of your boat into matchsticks.

So far so good, but there's another family of rocks dead ahead! Not to mention those Class 5 rapids. Luckily the Friendly Indian Village is within eyeshot, so if we wind up swimming, we will be cared for by those generous people. X wants to point out the amazing trees that completely blocked all evidence of an outside world - not that I believed in it anyway.

X took a photo of the view looking behind the boat, I'm a bit unclear as to where exactly this was on the river. 

From the videos I've seen, the River still looks pretty nice, but I miss that real frontier flavor that it used to have (like a barbecue potato chip). By the way, here's one of those sub-humanoids, photographed by Mr. X.


Budblade said...

It’s like my favorite tv show.

Stay tuned for “X photographed sub-humanoids” on ABC!

Chuck said...

Major, your rear-view image was most likely taken as the bow of the Twain reached the end of that stretch of rocks in the first two photos. There were a couple of rocks in the channel on the opposite shore of the river (zoom in on this 1970 Daveland aerial for reference).

Melissa said...

Where on the river? Looks like the surface to me!

Lovely sunny day pictures on this chilly April morning.

Major Pepperidge said...

Budblade, it comes on right after “The Love Boat” and “Fantasy Island”!

Chuck, OK, I think I see where you mean! Thanks for the link to the aerial photo.

Melissa, Walt did want to do a submarine voyage through the rivers of the Old West, but nobody else understood his vision. He was way ahead of his time.

Chuck said...

For additional reference, I found another picture from some lame blog nobody ever looks at showing the rocks on both sides of the river.

TokyoMagic! said...

Maybe Mr. X had just seen Titanic and was doing an "I'm king of the world!" pose at the bow of the Mark Twain, as he took these pics?

TokyoMagic! said...

Oh, and in that second shot, we can see the little boy (kneeling) and his dog on that log, tucked into the foliage.

JC Shannon said...

Great river pics, and kudos to Mr X for documenting it so well. Wellll thank you Major, now I have the Love Boat theme playing in my head. It's maddening I tell ya. I heard the crowds for SWL are gonna be terrible. Does anyone in GDBville know if you can see any of it from the river? Thanks to Major and X man for the super photos.

Melissa said...

I heard the crowds for SWL are gonna be terrible.

Yeah, at first I was put off when I heard that admission to Galaxy's Edge was going to be by reservation only, there would be no standby line for Smuggler's Run, and that for the first month guests would only be able to spend a limited number of hours the land. in But I guess that shows that they're making some effort at crowd control, and hopefully it won't be permanent policy.

Anonymous said...

Great post today, Major. I'm late again.

I'm having trouble with my work-life balance. Difficultly balancing work and more work.

Leaves no time for my blog friends.

Thanks everyone for comments and research.


Anonymous said...

There were some of us adventurous types that would pass the Columbia by taking that shortcut between the rocks and the island in the Canoes. It was not forbidden to do so, though it was discouraged. But if you got the guests charged up you'd be surprised how fast that canoe could go! And it was a bit of a challenge to steer it through cleanly. Sadly, it's the channel is gone with the new river design. KS

Major Pepperidge said...

Chuck, ha ha, it’s true, not many people look at that blog!

TokyoMagic!, haven’t we all done the “King of the World” thing at least once?

TokyoMagic!, yep, there he is - first cousin to Shiny Boy.

Jonathan, the theme to “The Love Boat” is one of the greatest of all time, you should thank me and send me cash. Tonight’s guest stars - Charro, Gabe Kaplan, and Sandy Duncan. In my dreams. And yes, for now you can see the rock formations from Star Wars Land from the river. They look a little odd, but perhaps when the trees fill in it won’t be so bad.

Melissa, the reservation idea is a good one; I’ve heard estimates of 100,000 people going to the park for SWL, but why would they go if they can’t get in? Of course I will be there to sell life insurance to all of the people in line. I wonder how they’ll enforce the limited hours thing? Snipers?

JG, sounds like somebody needs a vacation. May I suggest Legoland? Don’t work too hard!

KS, man, that sounds like so much fun. I’m sure a canoe powered by 15 people paddling like crazy can really move. At least you got to enjoy it while it was there.

Anonymous said...

LOL, thanks Major. I have some time off coming up in a week or so. I won't be able to comment until I get back, so don't worry if you don't see any posts from me.