Friday, April 26, 2019

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Boy oh boy, do I love today's first photo! The COLORS, man, the colors! These pictures were taken by our friend Mr. X, and his photographer's eye was drawn to Snow White surrounded by her seven friends. A few kids, some shy, some a little less shy, are approaching these big stars for a picture, and maybe a little financial advice. Rolly Crump's swirling floral design and the mighty Matterhorn make for the perfect backdrop. Notice that there are three climbers on the Matterhorn! Hans, Otto, and Diesel.

It must have been colder than it looks, all of the boys are wearing some form of outer wear. Snow White is a trooper though, a little chill in the air doesn't bother her. It's crazy to think that there aren't a bunch of moms and dads pushing and shoving for their chance to get their kids an autograph.

It's a different time of day, and Snow White and the Dwarfs are on their lunch break, but my goodness, this is still such a beautiful sight!


Nanook said...


My eyes are still 'sizzling' from all that color-! Yummy. "... and Diesel". [As if-!]

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

These photos are true beauties. And yes, where are the throngs of people? Where are all the strollers that are as big as a house. Where are all the motorized Little Rascals®?

Andrew said...

What a nice image. It almost looks as if it could be used as a publicity still, minus the kids. But they (myself included) always ruined everything with their Fisher Price Power Wheels cars. Those popcorn vendors had to be fast on their feet to dodge me and many others puttering by at super-sonic speeds in our All-Terrain Quads!

Budblade said...

It’s all fun an games until someone grabs dopey’s nose.

Wow extra great colorful pictures today!

Melissa said...

Love the little rugrat booping Dopey's nose. It almost looks like Sneezy is trying to intervene.

Also a big fan of the blue and white striped trousers in the second picture. And the yellow flowers in the background seem to draw my eye to the yellow of Miss White's skirt.


JC Shannon said...

Mr X has outdone himself today. Great subject matter, great colors, great bell bottoms! He's a genius I tell ya. One of the climbers seems to be stopping for a smoke break. Having booped a dwarfs nose, this young man will have stories to entertain bar goers for years to come. Swilling beer and saying things like "Ok, you were a decorated war veteran, but I booped Dopey's nose." Thanks to X and Major for today's scans.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I can hear your eyes sizzling all the way over here!

TokyoMagic!, one of the big differences between vintage Disneyland photos and contemporary examples is the lack of hundreds of strollers. How did families manage to do it back then, and yet the thought of not having a giant stroller makes people insane today?

Penna. Andrew, I believe that there is at least one postcard that has a very similar image of Snow White and the Dwarfs, so it definitely has that “publicity image” quality. My younger brother and sister had some sort of little car that ran on a car battery, I wonder if it was one of those Fisher Price things?

Budblade, each night the poor Dwarfs had to apply cold compresses to their noses due to the never-ending nose boops.

Melissa, yes, Sneezy looks like he’s saying, “Now hold on their a minute, son…”. That kid is about to get a talking to! I loved my striped pants from the early 70’s, though I’m not so sure I’d want those now.

Jonathan, not only are the climbers smoking, they each have sandwiches and lemonade in their rucksacks. “Who wants tuna?”. “Why do I always get stuck with the liverwurst?”. Booping a Dwarf’s nose is a rite of passage, sort of like crossing the equator.

Anonymous said...

Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color! KS

Matthew said...

Oh my gosh I long for that simpler, happier, wide open space of the Tomorrowland entrance. And look at the California blue sky showing off. The colors, the blue awnings, the edge of a palm tree. Who could ask for more?!

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Alonzo P Hawk said...

My vote is they are special guest climbers, Captain John Winter, Rudi Matt and his uncle Frantz Lerner.

The 7 Dwarfs are so brightly costumed they are like the Tele-tubbies minus the pajamas.

Nice post. Thanks to you and Mr X.

K. Martinez said...

That kid is rockin' in the flared stripe pants! I LOVE the 70'S!!

Thanks Mr. X and Major.

Melissa said...

I wonder if part of the modern guest's dependence on strollers is related to an increased number of attractions, all-inclusive tickets (as opposed to ride coupons), and higher ticket prices. I think maybe some parents are more determined to cram as many rides into a day as possible to "get their money's worth," and therefore are less willing to go at a pace that's slow enough for little kids to keep up and not poop out.

Dean Finder said...

I'm with Melissa. Disney's "all you can eat" pricing models for park tickets, along with prices increases well above inflation, has turned a Disney vacation into a multi-day marathon for most families. It requires a level of planning and logistics that mean parents are packing in more gear for a day in the park than a Marine platoon going for a week-long bivouac. The parks are a victim of their success.

Anonymous said...

The stroller thing is a real interesting question and I hope Major will write a paper on it someday. I wonder if it has something to do with more younger families visiting the park these days. The pictures of the park in the early days shows days where there are practically no kids at all. Perhaps the modern stroller makes it easier to manage a small child. I can't imagine it has anything to do with higher prices.