Monday, October 15, 2018

Two From '57

It's time for two of the "usual suspects" - photos so familiar that you'll think you've already seen them. Totally understandable!

I have dipped each of these scans in orange shellac. You know how I am when I'm in one of my moods! It gives the photos a warm, old-fashioned appearance, which is appropriate for a photo of a steamboat that should be 140 years old. 

Not many people know that each one of those crates was filled with gold coins; the weight prevented them from being moved by the wind or other unsavory forces.

Those poor schnooks are probably hoping to see some droids, Ewoks, or Wookies, but they are 60 years too early.

While some people bemoan the small size of our castle, I think it's perfect just the way it is. I'm OK with the idea of making it look like an X-wing crashed into the upper towers, though. That would be rad! 


Nanook said...


I like the fact many of the occupants of the folding chairs at the bow of the MT are part of 'the male, younger set'. I would imagine they refuse to give up their seats to old ladies on public busses, too.

Thanks, Major.

Chuck said...

I'd always kinda suspected those boxes contained yaller gold.

That X-wing idea of yours is pretty wizard!

K. Martinez said...

The Castle pic is one of my favorites you've shared here in your blog. I have seen it before or something very similar. I really like the unusual westward view. Usually a shot like that is done on the other side looking eastward. Thanks, Major.

Melissa said...

The X-wing's in the moat, and some lucky kid gets to levitate it out like the Sword in the Stone ceremony.

JC Shannon said...

Do I detect a note of sarcasm from everyone about the new addition to the park? It is all but impossible to take a bad photo of the Mark Twain, but what a great shot of the castle. Very unusual angle and perfectly framed. Like it I do. Thanks Major.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that if there was a way to turn the MT into the latest thrill ride, it would be done. But they shortened the ride time so I suppose that's considered progress. At least there are a few remaining attractions which my 96 year old father and I can still enjoy together. I give him credit for doing Indie with me when he was 86....and enjoying it. KS

Anonymous said...

Major, each of these photos show the loving care of your shellac application.

We always enjoyed reading the labels on the fake cargo boxes on the quay. I can't remember any of them in particular, but they had story tie-ins to movies or classic stories.

Somehow, out of all the thousands of pictures and personal observations of the Castle, I have never registered the vertical bars on the tall tower, which are shown so clearly in this picture. Yet, after some research in my archive and the Daveland database, they have been on that tower since the beginning. Something about this angle and the lighting that makes them stand out. Always something new to see.

Also, re: the thread last week. I have and still do, wear crocs. The little holes in the top are where your dignity leaks out. Initially picked them up as a lightweight camp shoe for backpacking, in the evening, you can't bear to wear the boots anymore. I wore them once on a day in Disneyland and they were quite comfortable, but I usually only wear them now for getting the paper and taking out the trash since my wife objects to their marked lack of style.

Thank you!


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, while I generally agree that it is nice to give up one’s seat for a lady or an older person, there are only so many chairs at the bow of the Mark Twain! I’ve never experienced the view from there.

Chuck, my Boston cousins would have said the X-wing idea was “pissa”, or “pissa cool” (maybe with their accents they were saying “pisser”?). At least they would have years and years ago. I thought it was the dumbest superlative I had ever heard.

K. Martinez, well gosh, I would have never expected any of these photos to rank up among somebody’s favorites, but I’m glad you like the castle pic! At least the castle isn’t blue and pink.

Melissa, oh! That’s a good idea! Do, or do not… there is no “try”!

Jonathan, I’m not sure if it is sarcasm or good old fashioned derision! I used to kind of like Star Wars in general, but the over the top fandom has kind of spoiled it for me.

KS, wow, there can’t be too many 86 year-olds who would subject themselves to the buffeting that “Indy” can give people! Good for your dad. I’ve watched videos of the new Mark Twain voyage, and it still seems nice; I have no idea how much shorter it is as far as time is concerned though.

JG, the secret is to do several thin layers of shellac instead of one thick one. Now I have to look for those vertical bars you mentioned. Hang on! Oh yeah, there they are. Now I’ll have to see if Neushwanstein Castle had those on any of the towers. (Looking… looking…). Nope, it did not! My mom wears crocs when gardening, since she can just hose off the mud. Having never tried a pair myself, I can’t address their comfort, but people must like them for some reason, and it’s probably not for their fashionable style! ;-)

JC Shannon said...

JG, Wives just don't understand. My wife is fond of saying "If you wear those in public, you will be going out alone."

Anonymous said...

@Jonathan, you are right. Women have a different view of style.