Monday, October 01, 2018

Tomorrowland, July 1972

A helpful CM uses hand signals (learned on the deck of an aircraft carrier, no doubt) to instruct Fun Mom in the art of getting out of an Autopia vehicle. Unlike many grownups, she actually let the kid "steer". She gets an extra 350 points for those dark glasses with the blue frames. Notice the tookbox on the curb in the background - I think I see a metal mallet. You had to whack on those engines to keep them going! There's also an air hose for handy tire inflation, just like at your local service station.

Not too far from there, the same boy is now with his sister in a red Peoplemover car. Sis is done trying to smile for the camera (she looks tired, and after all, Fun Dad took a lot of photos), but little brother is still willing to put on his finest grimace that reminds me of half of the photos of my niece and nephew.

*NOTE! I will be out of town this week, but there will be new posts for you every day. I'm going to be so busy, but I will be sure to read all the comments when I get home!


Nanook said...


I think the CM's 'hand signals' are in actuality nothing more than his rehearsing for a future job reporting the weather at a local TV station. There's definitely something depressingly "Stepford Wives-ish" about the sameness across the 'talent' seen at all broadcast facilities here in the USA. In spite of Fun Mom's acquiescence in allowing her son to steer the Autopia, I wonder if it's her more-powerful leg which is applying pressure to the gas pedal-?

I don't think Sis is tired, but merely prepping for adolescence by practicing looking sullen-!

Thanks, Major.

Chuck said...

Behind the cast member's hands in the first photo, you can also see a tow bar for dragging unpowered cars around the service area. The lower end with the wheels hooked under the bumper while the longer end was tied up to a mule.

In the extreme upper left corner of the second image, we get a tiny glimpse of one of the Mary Blair murals. So little is visible it's hard to tell which one it is, but since it's post-'71 I'll bet it's her famous Grand Canyon mural. Lots of people took pictures of that.

Big sis's sweater has one of those awesome ring pull zippers common in fashions at the time. I had one on my favorite Raiders sweater in '76. I can remember sucking on the ring pull in church and enjoying the brassy tang while watching the reflections from the light fixtures on my shiny black glasses frames out of the corner of my eyes. Why I can remember that instead of what time my dental appointment is today (or is it tomorrow?) I'll never understand.

Melissa said...

Of course she let the kid drive; they don't call her Fun Mom for nothin'. Or maybe she just automatically got in the lefthand side, not realizing the Autopia cars were European. (My fun aunt drove a Ford Anglia for a while; it was mind-blowing riding on "the driver's side!"

JC Shannon said...

In the first photo, I think the little boy is thinking "No pictures please I'm driving." Beep beep beep beep yea. I agree with Nanook, in pic #1 You can almost hear sis saying "My little brother is so annoying." I love the hammer. Did you know you can fix anything on an aircraft with some speed tape and a big hammer? True. Of all the attractions that are gone, I miss the MTTNW and the Peoplemover most. Have a safe trip Major.

K. Martinez said...

And here I thought the metal mallet was to keep the Autopia drivers in line. NO BUMPING THE CAR AHEAD OF YOU!!! BONK!

Chuck, I love your memory recollection. It's almost cinematic or like reading a novel. And yes, I'll stake my life on it that the PeopleMover vehicle those kids are in is rolling along the Grand Canyon Concourse.

Melissa said...

Fun Sis and Fun Bro have a very Sally and Bobby Draper vibe going on.


It’s interesting that Disneyland’s AUTOPIA was famous for “DO NOT BUMP THE CAR AHEAD” on signage and audio spiels - but Walt Disney World’s Grand Prix Raceway used “DO NOT STRIKE THE CAR AHEAD”

Melissa said...

We're more aggressive drivers on the East Coast.

Nancy said...

The second view of the little boy's smile is priceless! That is exactly how I feel when I get to a Disney park. I think this is one of my favorite images ever on GDB!!