Sunday, April 16, 2017

Shoulda Been Rejects

Both of today's photos are from June of 1958; but they both have flaws. Boo.

The Columbia was brand new, having only opened the same month that this picture was taken. It's a shame that it's underexposed, but even so we can see that the deck is packed with potential Soylent Green ingredients. I prefer mine on toast! The Plantation House is always a plus.

When I first held this slide up to the light, I was very excited. "This one's gonna be a real beaut!". BUT... it's blurry. Not surprising, considering the low light, but it was still a little disappointing. Nevertheless, I love the peachy colors of the sky not long after the sun had set, with only a few lights visible below. The Skyway tower on Snow Hill is kind of neat too.


Nanook said...


I guess we need to put on our 'imagination caps' to bring some front lighting to The Columbia, and eliminate the 3D effect from the Skyway, but there's definitely a layer of fabulousness lurking-about in both of these images.

Happy Easter, Major.

K. Martinez said...

Just don't click to enlarge the second photo and you'll have a beauty! If only we could've experienced the park like this in the 1950's.

Happy Easter to Major and all the GDB readers!

Unknown said...

It's a lovely Sunday morning and the is capture a Golden Hour of years gone by, which is no surprise since most of our (my) years are in the past these days, at least most of my years have slipped be-times away in the ensuing intervals. Your kindness and work shared to the group provideprovide seemingly no end to memories rekindled. It's a generous act and always manages to perk me up a little. I have some news and will keep all of the kids here and elsewhere up to date but the short version is that I should probably ask everyone what they want in terms of Disneyland miniatures and memorabilia. Any requests? We'll see what I'm capable of turning out. Ask away, kids!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, it’s true, both of today’s photos come SO CLOSE to being anywhere from “not bad” to “wowee”!

K. Martinez, yes, if you only look at photo #2’s thumbnail, it looks much the way I saw it when I held the 35mm slide up to the light.

Patrick Devlin, please see the email I just sent to you! I think a lot of the regulars are probably out enjoying their weekend, but I know they will all be sending you their best thoughts and good wishes.