Friday, April 21, 2017

Fabulous Autopia, 1957

I love today's slide scans from 1957 - that old Kodachrome was hard to beat. You probably recognize these two brothers, aboard a sleek blue Autopia vehicle. Big brother gets to drive of course, it's just the way things go. Just on the other side of that fence is a white hard had, though I don't see any "Keppy Kap" markings on it. That "Richfield" billboard is always fun to see, with its futuristic space station.

Well what do you know! Look there, beneath the underpass; it's a rare view of a Phantom Boat, cruising the calm waters of Tomorrowland Lake. Pretty sweet.

Here's another look at the area, just because. For you fans of telephone poles... you're welcome.


Nanook said...


I certainly hope when 'little brother' grew up he figured out how to properly smile. Extra kudos for the Phantom Boat.

Thanks, Major.

K. Martinez said...

Love the open sky and Autopia light poles in the last pic. That's also a funny looking tree on the left. Thanks, Major.

DrGoat said...

Spiffy scans Major. Love the first one. Maybe the youngster has had enough of his brother's driving skills. That is indeed a strange looking conifer K.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I can easily picture that same face as a grumpy old man!

K. Martinez, that tree looks like one of those not-very-hidden cell phone towers that you'll see around town.

DrGoat, I'll bet the younger brother didn't make a squeak when his older brother took the wheel - he knew it was the natural order of things, and that it was useless to complain. Now he owns a Bugatti Veyron and drives too fast everywhere.

Snow White Archive said...

Cool pic Major! Big brother always gets to drive the car. :(

Anonymous said...

I love the Phantom Boats, they look like Bat Boats. Too bad this drive mechanism failed.