Thursday, April 27, 2017

Main Street and Vehicles, June 1963

Here are two nice photos of Main Street U.S.A. on a beautiful June day - just for fun I also included some closeups. 

There's the old Fire Engine, it's heading right for us! A Horseless Carriage speeds in the other direction, while an Omnibus is in the distance.

As usual, I like to do a little vintage people-watching - there are more kids visible in this photo than I often see; presumably school was out. One girl is fascinated by the horse hitch, while the security officer is about to throw her in Disney Jail. 

Just to the right of the Fire Engine is a cast member (from Fantasyland?). At least I think he's a cast member! The Summer crowds are evident, but it still looks like a dream compared to any ordinary day in 2017.

Moments later a second photo was taken. The Omnibus is closer. Too close! And a Surrey has now entered the scene.

Yet another cast member enters from the left; with that straw boater he has to work on Main Street; maybe he's on his break? 

The little girl in red is staring right at us! Her brother is wearing pants from "Floods R Us". Meanwhile, the gentleman in the middle is carrying a movie camera - I hope he filmed things besides the Mark Twain and the Jungle Cruise.


Nanook said...


The scenes do look "dreamy", compared to what was to come many years later. And I see you pointed-out 'Mr. Cuffs', and what appears to be a very uncomfortable-looking pair of leather boots-? Also, the street seems to be in need of a bit of sweeping-up, if you know what I mean...

Thanks, Major, for some long-ago summer memories.

K. Martinez said...

Right at the time of my first visit ever. I really like the trees in the two main photos. Very beautiful. Anyone know why they got rid of the Surreys as an attraction?

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

The little girl in red is also staring at us in that first pic. I think she's evil. EEEEEEEEEEVIL!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the cast member in phoyo one is heading for "Pirates."

DrGoat said...

These are pretty wonderful Major. The guy with the movie camera has a very prominent button on the back of his collar. Classy. And it looks like a serviceman behind mom, Air Force I think.

Anonymous said...

Major, thanks for this brief and peaceful glimpse at one of the best places ever.


Anonymous said...


That cast member immediately appeared to me to me to be heading for the Treehouse. Pirates didn't come about until 1967. KS

Chuck said...

I can remember days in the '90s when the crowds were this light. This was probably a fairly crowded day for 1963. Not so much anymore.

Anonymous, that cast member may be waiting awhile for his shift to start.

DrGoat, that uniformed guy behind mom is a Disneyland security host (or whatever they called them in 1963). It's the same guy the Major pointed out in the first photo and its close-up as he closes in on the little delinquent trying to park a human in a spot reserved for horses.

That has me wondering when they changed from a CHP uniform clone shown here to the Air Force uniform clone I'm more familiar with. Anybody out there know? I'd like to be able to sleep tonight.

Thanks again, Major, for another fine set of imagery!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, these do have a kind of hazy, dreamy look; as for those boots, they have a hard, shiny appearance, but who knows; I have some army type boots that are surprisingly comfy!

K. Martinez, I think we can only theorize about the Surreys. I’m sure that it somebody liked the idea of not having to staff them, or take care of the horses, etc. In other words, money.

TokyoMagic!, now you’ve done it! She’s coming for you!

Anonymous, somehow that person looks very “Johnny Tremaine” - maybe he worked on the Chicken of the Sea pirate ship?

DrGoat, you might be right about that man being a serviceman. You can see him in the first image as well, does it look like he is carrying some sort of revolver in a holster??

JG, I agree, vintage Main Street was the best!

KS, you are correct about “Pirates” of course. The Treehouse is an excellent guess!

Chuck, yes, it wasn’t that long ago that one could still go to the park and not expect unpleasant crowds. Thanks for the confirmation about the security dude (that’s what I call them!). And hey, there’s a link to a photo of you! Glad you liked today’s pix.

Graffer said...

Notice how guests kept to the sidewalks back then.

DrGoat said...

I'm with you fellers.