Monday, February 06, 2017

Two Beauties From DrGoat

Here are two more scans, graciously shared with GDB by Peter, also known as "DrGoat"!

This first one might be my favorite of all of them. It's such a wonderful shot of a happy family on the top level of the Omnibus, waving and smiling. So great. I love the banner, as well as the announcement of the extension of the Monorail to the Disneyland Hotel. Peter Says: The... image is obviously '61. From the right, me, Chris, Mom and Dad and my aunt Louise. My uncle Charles took this shot. He was the artist that did the kid's books including Dr. Goat. (See Peter's first post in case you don't know the origins of "DrGoat").

And next is this very pretty shot of the Upjohn Pharmacy and West Center Street, including the Flower Market and the Carnation truck. 

There's the ubiquitous shot of the pharmacy. I'm seen dozens of pics from that same angle, taken in many different years. That's Mom standing closest to the fellow in the uniform. Then Chris, the back of my Dad, Louise and me in the background. I think that any earlier year like 60 or 61.

I think we're down to the last few photos from the good Doctor. Stay tuned!


K. Martinez said...

I always wondered what that particular banner was for. All the images I've seen of it were too far in the distance to make out what it said. Mystery solved! Thanks for sharing your family photos with us, Peter. Its always a treat!

Nanook said...

That first shot is a beauty, especially with the banner for the Monorail.

Thanks, Peter.

TokyoMagic! said...

More wonderful photos! Peter, after the Omnibus pulled away, I hope you and your family sang "Down On The Corner" while your dad stayed behind on the curb and timed you.

Chuck said...

Interesting contrast between the two Marines and the guy with the over-tight, open-collared shirt. The Flower Mart seems a little sparsely stocked this morning. I'm guessing that a lot of the more popular varieties were out of bloom that time of year.

Thanks again, Peter, for sharing these!

Nancy said...

Such happy views!! These are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing them. :-)

DrGoat said...

Thanks all. Don't know what my Dad is up to grabbing Mom's arm. That shot is particularly neat for me to see. That gold ring on his pinkie finger was a ring he got during WW2, serving in the Air Force. He was a waist gunner on a B-24 that was stationed in Italy, not too far from the town was born in. He gave me the ring a few years before he passed away. Glad you like these.
Tokyo..My Mom would have insisted we belt out a tune occasionally. My Dad, not so much. Probably was 'In the Good Ole Summertime' or some other Mitch Miller tune.

Unknown said...

Many thanks Doc. Great pics from a great time. 1961 would present me with my Disneyland memory (as far as I can remember) and it was a good time to visit with family, as you have done. Good on you.

K. Martinez said...

TokyoMagic!, As for great moments on the Omnibus, you must be thinking of those brothers from Utah back in 1970, not Dr. Goat and his family here in 1961. Just ask E.J Peaker and Mr. Russell. They were there.

Chuck said...

You guys are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your photos and memories Dr. Goat. Helps to bring back some of mine from those days. My 3 uncles all fortunately survived the war: a B-17/24 pilot with over 50 missions, a B-17 navigator on a crew who completed 25 missions to return home early in the War (one of the lucky few at the time)and another commanding a platoon through the hedgerows of Normandy. They all ended up being career officers. KS

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dr. Goat. Also, What Chuck Said.

Dad and three brothers went to war. Dad and two brothers came home. The one who flew bombers (B-17/24, shot down over Germany, captured and liberated) and the one in 2d Armored, to Berlin from Normandy.

My namesake was buried at sea near Saipan, his name (my name) is on the cenotaph in Hawaii. It's eerie to see your name on a tombstone, especially when you know the story.

God bless all of them, all gone now.

Thanks Major.


DrGoat said...

Major. Thanks once again for allowing myself and others to present some of my most dear memories of my childhood.
Chuck. All you fellows are awesome, and a wellspring of information to boot.
Patrick. It was a great time, I agree. One of the best. I don't really recall much of the times in Disneyland from 57 to 61...too young, but it's up there somewhere, resting after doing it's job of molding my psyche.
KS. Dad flew about 22 or so missions with the 460th and was also fortunate to return alive. When he got back, he returned to civilian life.
JG. Yes, may they all rest in peace. They were indeed a great generation.
Thanks again to Nanook and K.Martinez.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to hear the reverence we share for the 'greatest generation'. They truly were. I didn't mention that my Dad flew in the ferry command, delivering aircraft of all types to the front lines around the world. I'm blessed that he is doing well for his age of 94 while Mom, who is also a veteran (WAC), will soon be 96 and is pretty spry herself. I hope the genetics work out for me! KS