Sunday, February 05, 2017

Snapshots, 1967

Here are a few "meh" scans of vintage photo prints, circa 1967.

OK, admittedly the photo isn't great, but it's hard to feel "meh" about Cascade Peak! The angle of the late afternoon sun is very pretty. You can see the tracks at the bottom of the photo, as they passed beneath the waterfall. Once again, Walt and his Imagineers went the extra mile to provide a unique experience. It would have been easier and cheaper to just have the waterfall run on the other side of the tracks. 

The next two photos show the Mark Twain approaching the landing while some kids try to take it all in. They can hardly wait! While rock stars had long(ish) hair in 1967, I think the average parent would not have allowed their male child to have a page boy like the one below. So I'm betting all my money on it being a girl!

See those people sitting in chairs on the Mark Twain's bow? They look like they have no plans to vacate their seats! Up on the middle level there was only a mother and her kids (and a balloon); even the top level isn't very crowded.


Nanook said...


Yeah... Cascade Peak... isn't there one of those on every corner-?? Yawn.

And talk about your folks who won't give up their seats, no matter what. I'll bet they've all got hidden weapons to beat back any potential interlopers. Small children - step back-!

Thanks, Major.

Unknown said...

Ah, beautiful Cascade Peak and the waterfalls of the Rivers of America. I was at the Park on Wednesday and me and my brother Joe had a nice long talk with Remy, a long-time CM and engineer as we stood next to my favorite loco, the E. P. Ripley, and it sounds like waterfalls are going in for sure in the new section. Yay! Water features! also, the rail line at the Park will end up around 1100' longer with the big curve installed. It doesn't quite make up for the loss of river length but it'll be a good perk.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming, Trends and Fashion of late Sixties hair.

Medley said...

Patrick Devlin - Thank you for sharing that information. It's always nice to hear what's coming next.

Major - I'm definitely not admitting to staring at that photo of Cascade Peak for several minutes. Nope. I did not want to take it all in.


Anonymous said...

That's the 'Big Thunder' waterfall for which the current attraction is named. KS

Anonymous said...

@Patrick Devlin, good news about the railroad extension. I'm cautiously anticipating that the changes to the river and Frontierland will be improvements, even though it will never be the same.

At the time of these photos, I would have looked almost exactly like the boy with the glasses to the right... No long hair here, then.


Matthew said...

I'm telling you Major... Those Imagineers are reading your blog... why else would they incorporate a water feature back into the park??? I cannot wait for that side of the park to "cool down" with that wonderful water spray/circulating water. It will however make for some cold nights over at the Hungry Bear in winter based upon the illustrations I've seen... that's why Cascade Peak was placed in a great location... to cool all of Frontierland.

It also appears that they may be doing some training of a new deckhand. No reason to have two Cast Members secure the bow line. Unless of course the lead took the riverboat around and did an animation check.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle