Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Entrance, 1956

It was late in the day, and late in the year (only two more days until 1957) when this picture was taken. Still, it was a beautiful December day, and a fine time to go to the park! There are ticket booths just out of frame to our left, and another one strangely located just in front of us. What's with the little table? Whoever was sitting there has gone home since the sun is setting. I have no idea why it was there, but I like the fact that the it was fashioned out of two home-made sawhorses and a hunk of plywood.

The Disneyland and Santa Fe Railroad is at the station, with cattle cars full of standing guests. The station itself is still bedecked with Christmas decorations.

For those of you interested in Disneyland tickets, here is a closeup of the sign showing the outrageous price of 90 cents for an adult admission. A 1956 family of five is going to get in for around $4. Little did anyone realize that by 2008, it would cost a family of five several hundred dollars! A day of casual fun is now an expensive luxury; somehow I don't think Walt foresaw that when he was eating peanuts and watching his daughters riding the carousel, and wondering why there couldn't be a park for everyone to enjoy.


Progressland said...

A number of years ago Michael Eisner was visiting the Park and attended some marketing meetings. At that time he expressed shock at how much it cost to get into the Park!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

90 cents for Adults, this is an out-rage! Neato picture, I love the sign and that sily little table. I wonder what it was for?

Thanks for the cool post and the closeup of the prices :-)

CoxPilot said...

When my wife and I were married (1966), we spent several hours in the Alpha Beta stocking up for our new apartment. We included everyting: pots, pans, bowels, dish rack, kitchen knifes, tea pot, cleaning and laundry supplies and two weeks of food. We spent an outrageous amount of $21.68 (I still have the receipt). So .90 cents seems about right for the time. Keep in mind, too, that gas was .35 cents a gallon.

Love the clear scans. Great photos.

Chris Jepsen said...

Another excellent post, Major. Thanks!

coxpilot: In 1956, a gallon of gas cost about 23 cents. If we use that as a gauge, then entrance to Disneyland should now cost around $15.

progressland: That's pretty funny, as I've always heard that M.E. was always a big proponent of raising ticket prices. When he came aboard at Disney in 1984, it cost $14 to get into DL. By the time he left, in 2005, I think it was somewhere around $56 -- maybe more.