Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jungle Cruise

The Jungle Cruise doesn't get a lot of coverage on the Disney photo blogs, I think that we blogmeisters have seen too many photos of bathing elephants and hippos with gaping mouths. But today I thought I'd post some vintage images (both from the 1950's) that present some details that are interesting to me.

First up is a view of a native village - - headhunters, no doubt. Pygmy headhunters, judging by the size of those tiny huts! They have some unfortunate critter (lion? wild dog?) ready to throw into a big pot that is usually reserved for missionaries and exploreres.

Here's a mysterious little waterway that leads miles (!) into the jungle...how many people ventured back there, never to return? Colonel Kurtz, for one. There are signs of human presence, though. I love the detail of the suspended bridge, skillfully woven from vines; was it purely decorative, or did the landscapers and other workmen use it to cross the waterway? And is it still there?


Davelandweb said...

The jungle looks much more primitive in your photos; and less lush as it does today. Nice shots!

Tannerman said...

Really enjoyed these shots. The river that goes "nowhere" just prompts imagination.

Chris Merritt said...

God! Amazing Freedomland shots - thank you!