Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tomorrowland 1956

Here's a nice early image of Tomorrowland. I always enjoy views of the Clock of the World (and the Moon Rocket), and you even get a glimpse of the Monsanto Hall of Chemistry, as well as the fountain out front. Bet that fountain got people wet more than once.

Hmmmm, I've got an empty popcorn box, I wonder where I can toss it? Oh yeah, in the red trash can labeled "TRASH". This must have pre-dated the famous themed trash cans, as it is one of the ugliest Disneyland trash cans I've ever seen! I have at least one other slide showing a similar can in Town Square.

(Sorry about the inconsistent posts, Blogger has not been behaving for me lately!)


Amazon Belle said...

Beautiful image! "Here youth may savor the challenge of the future." Not a lot of youth in this photo. I never new they had just basic trash cans... I always thought they were themed. Judging by the photo, you can see the wind is blowing east… the wall is wet next to the fountain. Finally, does anyone know how the clock worked? Were the dates on top and the moving ball (representing the sun?) telling the time? Or vice versa?

Major Pepperidge said...

As for the clock, I always thought that the hours (...14,15,16...) turned, and you could line it up with your part of the world. So the time in California in this photo is about 3 o'clock. The little ball had the minutes on it (I can't read them in this photo) that flipped kind of like the clock in "Groundhog Day". I don't believe that the date was diplayed at all. But again, this is all just a guess! Why don't they produce a small working desktop version of the clock as a souvenir??

Amazon Belle said...

Major Pepperidge - WOW! What a great idea for a souvenir!! I would place that on my desk. I remember reading once that the clock didn’t always work, so maybe it should break down once in awhile

What you are describing for the clock makes sense to me. The hours on top, minutes in the ball, no date. I also remember that you should be able to tell time anywhere in the world with this clock. Did the ball move? I remember thinking I once heard that it was also supposed to “count down” until Halley’s Comet returned (1986). Am I making things up now? Help!