Friday, July 21, 2006

Extra, extra! Burning Settler's Cabin!

Here's a li'l extra image....check out Daveland Blog, he has a great shot of the old burning settler's cabin. We were debating whether the settler's corpse was once draped over a bench. I was SURE that this was where I had seen that dramatic pose, but obviously I was mistaken.

This is from a set of "story cards" by Sawyers (the early makers of Viewmasters). These are in a single strip rather than on a disc (to watch via a projector?), and there are 7 images on 10 different strips (2 strips per land). So....70 images in all. They appear to date from roughly 1960, and there are many unique shots compared to Viewmaster reels. The color, unfortunately, has shifted, since these were clearly not Kodachrome.

While I was disappointed that the settler was not in the gruesome pose, it's still an unusual shot with the cavalry officer in the foreground.


Davelandwebdotcom said...

He was slumped over at some point, because I have seen a photo like that (and recently, I'm almost positive). I'm sure it will surface soon. LOVE the old Viewmaster reels; I am in the process of scanning some of them.

Amazon Belle said...

Another great shot showing the “hard facts that have created America...” Now, my curiosity is getting the best of me. I challenge each of you to show me the photo of the slumped settler on a bench. Winner gets -- errrrr -- "All the change in my pocket!"

I remember a photo of him holding the arrow in his chest, but never the bench you all keep referring to. And looking closer at this shot and Daveland Blog, it looks as if the marauding Indians broke his left ankle when leaving the scene. Ouch!

Davelandwebdotcom said...

Here you go:
I knew I'd seen it recently; it was posted by Matterhorn. I couldn't resist the challenge.

Amazon Belle said...

We have a winner!!! Daveland, get in contact with me at and I will figure out a way to reward you with all my change = )

Matterhorn1959 said...

Hey Amazon Belle where is my take since it was my image? (just kidding!)

Amazon Belle said...

Matterhorn 1959 you are correct! You too deserve something. You get all the change in my desk drawer!!! Which may be more than Daveland will receive? Sorry Daveland if that is true.

This officially ends the contest (after you wrote in I was waiting to hear from the original photographer ;-)