Saturday, July 01, 2006

Monorail, 1960's

Sorry about the late post! Unlike Patrick, I was not up early today :-)

Anyway, here is a nice photo of a busy day in Tomorrowland. The slide is undated, but I would guess it is from around 1966. There is some construction going on in the background, could that be for the Peoplemover? Notice that it must be winter time, since many folks are wearing jackets.

There was a lot of work going on in Tomorrowland in 1966..."20,000 Leagues", the Clock of the World, the Moonliner, and Astro Jets are removed. The Art Corner closes (yeesh!), the Art of Animation exhibit closes, and the Hall of Chemistry goes bye-bye. Oh, and I believe that both the Space Bar and the Yacht Bar were removed. All in preparation for the New Tomorrowland, which will debut in 1967. I loved that Tomorrowland, but it kills me to think of all the cool stuff that disappeared within the space of a few months.

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Davelandwebdotcom said...

That is a beautiful shot! Really love the lettering on the station, too.