Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Previously Skipped

Here are two more "previously skipped" slides - rescued from eternal damnation, and now heading to internet paradise! It's an inspiring story, really.

First up is this undated picture of the Mark Twain as it returned from its trip through the frontier, avoiding rocks and snags and rabid skunks. It's kind of a nice photo, really, I don't know why I skipped it years ago. Probably because it seemed so much like many other scans I'd already shared. That doesn't stop me now! 

Another undated slide scan shows the old Nature's Wonderland Mine Train as it chugged past along the Rivers of America (I believe Cascade Peak is out of frame to our right) before heading deep into the wilderness for a fantastic tour!


Nanook said...

Heck, not only is it a lovely picture of the Mark Twain, but if you know where to look, the infamous Fire Sprinkler Water Motor Gong is visible, but hard to make-out in this image.

Thanks for posting these images, Major. The wait just makes them more yummy.

TokyoMagic! said...

I don't think these are such bad little slides. They're not bad at all, really. Maybe they just needed a little love!

Any Nature's Wonderland Mine Train pic, is a good one. Thanks for rescuing these slides for us, Major!

"Lou and Sue" said...

Major, that first image is very nice! I'm just wondering what's written on the box....Bob's Chaffé ?? ....maybe Mike or KS will know....

KS, have you ever found an image on GDB [or another site] where you're driving the boat? Could that be you, in this one??

Thanks, Major.

JB said...

"rescued from eternal damnation"
Just like Orpheus rescuing Eurydice from the Underworld... to the tune of Offenbach's "Can-can"! Only, the outcome of that tale didn't turn out as well as for these two slides, "now heading to internet paradise!"

"avoiding rocks and snags and rabid skunks."
Don't forget AEDs, Major! It's kinda miraculous how the MT manages to avoid getting blowed up by the AEDs on its frequent trips around the ROA. It almost makes me doubt the very existence of Animatronic Exploding Ducks!... Wait... "Why, that's sacrilege, JB! Never doubt the existence of AEDs!", I can hear you say. Well, I heard it in my head anyway. Hmmm, I can't remember if I took my medication this morning.
What's that huge picture frame doing resting on the slopes of Cascade Peak? It's being propped up with a ram's horn. ;-) This photo is kind of unusual; we rarely see the MT straight-on like this, or from this vantage point.

Another 'portrait' oriented photo. My eye is drawn to the stream emptying into the ROA, making a few ripples and bubbles. Or is this something else? The train is on a trestle, so it's probably going over some sort of water.

I see Tokyo! is channeling Linus today.

Thanks for the Skippeduggies, Major.


Hmmmm….. the shipping crate prop names and addresses seem to change quite often … and there doesn’t appear to be any specific directive as to WHAT names are used … I suspect many are fictional or inside jokes among the decorating department and the sign shop guys ( and women after 1974!) I checked with info I have and in 1968, 1973, 1978 the “Bob Chaffe” addressed crate doesn’t show up . There is a similar crate in the same location in July 1978 that reads “To: Jess Sales , beaver pelts , Baja, MEX. S.A.” . And that’s not to say the Bob Chaffe crate wasn’t still around then … just in a different location or just missed by the documenters between 1968 and 1978z

MELISSA : sorry this message is late : but GOD SPEED in your recovery!! I’ve had some vision issues in the past so I feel for you.

K. Martinez said...

Anothe thing I loved about the Mine Train Ride is that part of it was along the Rivers of America and guests could interact between the Mine Train and watercraft as they pass by each other. Not so with Big Thunder Mountain Railroad which was away from the Rivers of America activity and anything else for that matter.

WDW's Big Thunder Mountain however was between the Rivers of America and WDW Railroad tracks, thus you are able to get close up views from both the train and riverboat.

Wonderful pics! Glad you shared them. Thanks, Major.

JG said...

I hope those chairs on the Mark Twain have seat belts or those guests are going overboard in case of a sudden stop.

The Kodak Picture Spot is aimed right at the water gong, More Than Coincidence?

Mike, I remember chuckling at the crate addresses, but can’t remember any details. There are similar jokes now in the Indiana Jones queue.

I love the heavy undergrowth in the second pic, like a real wilderness.

And a big clump of tules right there on the River bank.

Thanks Major!


Anonymous said...

Ah...an idyllic day on the Mine Train riding the tender and watching the world go by. Trading whistles with the Mark Twain. Feeling the cool water beneath Big Thunder. Heading into a tunnel. It never grows old...except the suspenders. For some reason I could never get comfortable with them. They were optional wear so I'd wear them now and then. KS

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, “Motor Gong” is the name of my heavy metal band! What a coincidence.

TokyoMagic!, maybe I need to wrap my blanket around these slides?

Lou and Sue, I always assume that the names on the boxes are the names of Imagineers, but… maybe not? Maybe they are actual historical people?

JB, look at you with your Greek mythology and classical music references! I only reference cartoons, not that there’s anything wrong with that. AEDs, don’t forget that they don’t want to blow up for just any reason, so they avoid exploding until just the right moment. We never know what that moment will be, but they do. Get one of those pill thingies with the little compartments for each day of the week, you’ll never forget if you took your meds! There were a number of little streams that cascaded into the river, I always wonder how much they were purely decorative, and how much they might have been there to aerate the water (or whatever).

Mike Cozart, at least they didn’t seem to use punny names on the crates, something they would almost certainly do today. The crypts at the Haunted Mansion (recently destroyed) had examples like that: U.R. Lost, Dustin T. Dust, ugh. I’m sure some people love it, though. “Wee G. Board”, because lots of men are named “Wee”. I wouldn’t think they would need to change the crates around much, but who knows! Was Bob Chaffe related to Suzy Chaffe?

K. Martinez, you make a good point, part of the genius of many of the old lands at Disneyland was the way rides enhanced other rides; Frontierland had that, and so did Tomorrowland. Maybe the park’s relatively small size practically demanded that these interactions would happen, although they seem to shy away from it nowadays.

JG, don’t worry, the chairs used Krazy Glue, there’s nothing on Earth that could move them. As for the people sitting in the chairs, well… Newton’s laws can’t be ignored. Kodak was probably paid by “big water gong” to promote their product! I know I am being nitpicky, but the pun names take away from the “reality” (such as it is) of rides like the Indiana Jones Adventure. You and my friend Mr. X love Frontierland when the plants and trees are at their most lush!

KS, ha ha, there was a period in the 80s when people were into suspenders (well, some people anyway), and I had some dress trousers that required suspenders. I did not like them at all! Meanwhile, your description of the days on the Mine Train sound like paradise.


MAJOR: I remember around the 1982/83 period suspenders became very popular …. But by the 1984/85 period you would wear the suspenders DOWN.. at the sides of you pants .. so many times when people would get up from their school desks the suspenders would catch on the desk - snagging the student. By 1986 suspenders had fallen out of favor. In high school starting about 1984 clothing from the 1950’s and 60’s were very popular … we were called “mod” / “surf-ska” lol. Guys wore sweaters and plaid shirts , we’s peg our pant cuffs and wore penny loafers … in the summer long -shorts ( 1960’s clam diggers ) and VAN’s or court shoes … girls liked pill box hats . Our look wasn’t a direct 50’s -60’s Rip-off .. it was elements of vintage mixed with modern 80’s … like the plaid shirts … 50’s but the colors were very 80’s. In 1985 my friend Grant and I went to our local barber and got real flat top hair cuts … buzz cuts were starting to become popular with punk and some mods … but teachers at out school said we were probably the first students in our high school to have flat tops since 1965! I wore a modified flat top into the very early 1990’s.

walterworld said...

Only rode the Mine Train once, it was on 7/3/76. The next day was an amazingly crowded day, but probably like most days now...

Thank You Major