Sunday, April 14, 2024


It's the Crumbs of the Crop! Snoozles, that is. This first one is either a double-exposure, or the photographer was moving between multiverses. I hate when that happens. If we stand on our heads (go ahead, I'll wait), we can see the façade of "It's a Small World", and the exterior of the Alice in Wonderland ride, with the snooty caterpillars and giant leaves. This is how things look when you drink that stuff from that little bottle on Alice's table.

Next is a "fine but very boring" photo of the African Veldt scene from The Jungle Cruise, taken on a gray and sad-looking day. The Skipper is wondering why his entire boatload of passengers was weeping!


Nanook said...

That 'mash-up' of Alice and IaSW is the latest in "new ideas" from Imagineering. It, like so many others coming down the pike these days, stinks.

Happy Sunday, Major.

Lou and Sue said...

That first image is sooo crazy—that I love it!
It’s like an entire nightmare captured in a single psychedelic photo. Like, wow, man.

Thanks, Major.

JB said...

The first one is rather interesting from an abstract artistic point of view. One would expect to see faeries flitting by on gossamer wings. And I believe you're correct about moving between multiverses; I'm sure Michio Kaku can verify that... You know his number, right?

The African Veldt pic would have been perfect if it wasn't so "gray and sad-looking". Excellent framing. I brightened it up, added contrast, etc., and it looked pretty good... so I kept it!

I think Sue has been nibbling the Caterpillar's magic mushroom.

Better than usual Snoozles this week. Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

In the first pic, I think we can also see The Dent, Fudgie The Whale, and maybe even Cookie Puss. I'm guessing in order to get that elevated view of It's A Small World, the photographer was riding on the PeopleMover? And in order to get that angle and the elevated view of Alice, he/she must have been shooting from a Monorail car?

I like the double exposure, Major. I think you should make prints of it and sell them online.

Bu said...

The first photo is definitely a keeper. Strangely exotic..and makes complete sense. This is the way I see Alice in Wonderland (the ride) in my mind. What exists today, is a horsey replication. The flowers, leaves, etc. are amazing: and against the backdrop of it's a small world: pretty epic I'd say. The castle turrets and the sense of motion add to the kinetic accidental artistry of the photos. There is an English artist: Harold Hitchcock: this looks like one of his paintings: look him up. Often times I take photos without looking at the screen: knowing it will capture something unintended. The African veldt is veldting....spell check wants to say "melting"...I'm not sure the entire gang would be hanging out with a "what's up pussycat?" look if they were in the presence of lions. But: from a show perspective it works. Nowadays they note that the zebra is "sleeping"...which even tongue in cheeks seems kind of lame. I watched a Jungle Cruise video with the old old narration where is was somewhat historical in nature: rather than the wisecracking of today. Maybe there was a hint of whimsy: but overall pretty accurate. The wisecracking (I hear) was a morph and evolution with the ride operators: now watered down and scripted for your protection: which is kind of a shame: the naughty double entendre guys were the best: with jokes soooo over everyones head...I would like that video please. Thanks Major for the snoozles (tm).

Dean Finder said...

That first picture is an accurate image of childhood memories of Disneyland. Just a mashup of every experience all at once.

JG said...

Wow, photo 1 could be a scene from the Alice movie itself, a Mary Blair mash-up. I love it so much. Dean, you are right, a dream and a memory.

I think both of the double exposure views are taken from the monorail, because of the angle and possible sequence. On a monorail ride we see IASW first, our photographer shoots, and then just moments later, Alice comes into view and he can’t resist the second shot while the film doesn’t quite advance. I I wish shots like this were possible in the phone. I guess we could post-process something using software but the crazy spontaneity is gone.

Photo 2, lunch time for lions. Indeed, while the JC wisecracks are somewhat funny, the Hard Truths need to be declared as well. Now there are no more Hard Truths, just popcorn buckets and the same lame jokes over and over. How about a “Sleeping Zebra” or “Burning Cabin-Dead Settler” popcorn bucket? Pass the salt please.

Thanks Major, I’ll take these crumbs of the crop any time.


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, as far as I’m concerned, they can mash up “Alice in Wonderland” with any other Disney property, and it will be a winner!

Lou and Sue, I’ve blown your mind!

JB, sure, sure, I see fairies with gossamer wings too. Sometimes they tell me to do things. BAD things. “No fairies, that would be wrong!”. But they just get louder. I’M NOT CRAZY! Michio Kaku… I saw him give a talk once, expecting it to be super interesting, but he was a big self-promoter (“Check out my TV show! Here’s a clip from my TV show!”) and everything was so dumbed-down that it was a disappointment (“Someday we’ll have smart toilets that will be able to tell if you have diabetes when you pee!”). I might place a moratorium on African Veldt slides, they are all exactly the same (well, except for slight variations in the lighting).

TokyoMagic!, wow, I never realized just how great that first photo is! I should just post it every day, since it basically has everything. I think I see Walt Disney in it too. I thought that maybe the photographer was on the Monorail for the “Alice” pic, and I wasn’t sure about the IASW picture because I didn’t think that the Monorail or Peoplemover got that close to it. But I’m sure I’m wrong about both.

Bu, as much as I love the “Alice” ride, there is a part of me that wishes it was even trippier. Like that picture! But we are talking about Disneyland, and there’s only so much they are willing to do. Harold Hitchcock, I don’t know his work, I’ll have to look him up. The African Veldt scene makes me think of the beginning of “The Lion King”, even though that was decades later. Same problem, predators and prey all hanging out as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Of course Simba continued to eat bugs once he became The Lion King, and he didn’t kill the zebras and wildebeests. You can listen to the old Jungle Cruise album on YouTube, narrated by Thurl Ravenscroft, it is not the wacky Jungle Cruise that we know and love today!

Dean Finder, I know what you mean! It all becomes a jumble of flashes of images.

JG, I’m sure you are right about the Monorail view for IASW, I’ll have to look at a map and see where the track runs. I don’t remember it passing that close to the ride, but it must. I use an app on my iPhone to take multiple exposures on one “frame” (this is for night shots or taking photos of glow-in-the-dark items), but I don’t think I could achieve the kind of double exposure we see here. Yes, Photoshop could do it in easily, but it’s not the same! I love the idea of a Burning Cabin/Dead Settler popcorn bucket!

Melissa said...

I've talked about my wonky peppers on here before, but I looked at that first picture and thought my double vision had suddenly gotten a lot worse. I should learn to read the descriptions first!

"The Skipper is wondering why his entire boatload of passengers was weeping!"

"Are you crying? There's no crying in jungle exploration!"

Melissa said...

Peepers, not peppers! My peppers are also wonky, but that's another conversation for another time,

Major Pepperidge said...

Melissa, I've read ahead (because I am hooked on phonics) and see that you meant "peepers" and not "peppers", so I am not as confused as I was inifially. As far as I'm concerned, any time is crying time.

Melissa, you should take your peppers to be straightened out. It's expensive, but so worth it.