Saturday, December 10, 2022

Vintage Kids

I was going to do a post featuring photos of Meddling Kids, but I didn't actually have many scans of that variety of youngster. So I had to zig and look for Vintage Kids instead. 

Here's a cute portrait of four pals; based on other photos, it's possible that the boy and girl in the middle are siblings. And it's possible that the girl with the yellow top is the same as the one in this photo. Yes, I have a lot of photos of her.

I think that the girl to the left and the boy to the right are in the previous photo, what do you think? I wonder if they owned this horse, or if they were visiting a friend or neighbor who owned it? Questions! It still blows me away to think that my own mother owned a horse when she was a girl, but that was in the days when the San Fernando Valley was still largely farms and orchards.

These boys look like they came direct from Central Casting. "Wanted: boys who think girls are mushy and Stan Musial is the greatest. If they like Jerry Lewis, it won't count against them". Why do I imagine these kids speaking with a Brooklyn accent?


Nanook said...

Cute kids, here. I thought I had an ID on that [very] partial view of the car in the 2nd image - but, no soap.

Those four lads in the last image definitely look as though they could be on a movie set. (Check that zipper, kid-!) Does that tee shirt say "Niagara Falls New York"-??

Thanks, Major.

K. Martinez said...

The kids in the first pic seem mature with almost adult-like expressions. They just seem like adults in kids' bodies to me.

Great vintage kid pics. Thanks, Major.

JB said...

In the first two photos, I think you're right about the boy and girl being in both pics. I'm not sure which girl that is in the 2nd photo. The girls are all wearing the same style and color of glasses. Does that mean they're all sisters? Or cousins? The girls DO all look similar.

The Central Casting gang: Slugger's T-shirt says "Niagara Falls, New York" with an illustration of the falls. So these ruffians may have an upstate accent instead of a Brooklyn accent. The red baseball caps have (I think) "PL" on them. Not sure what team that would be.

Nanook, yeah, I noticed the zipper at half staff as well. And yes, that's what I came up with for the T-shirt, too.

Thanks for the vintage kids, Major. I'd guess these were in the early 1950s.

JG said...

Yes, great pics, they all look like they are having fun, have had fun, or may soon be having fun.

I’m with Ken, the first pic almost look all grownup. I thought the girl in green was a Mom or an Aunt for a moment.

Could PL be PeeWee League? I know less than nothing about baseball.

My Dad had farm horses right up to WWII, he told stories about how sometimes they didn’t want to work, the horse would walk out into the slough in water up to its stomach, and he had to wade out to bring them back to the plow. Mom cried when they were sold in 1942.


Budblade said...

Pretty sure the car in the second picture is a Hudson hornet. Probably 1951. No idea what they’d call the color.some kind of cream maybe?

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I believe that the car is a rare Mercedes Honda. Only a few were produced due to customer confusion. And yes, that kid is wearing a Niagara Falls shirt. And that other kid’s zipper is right where he wants it to be!

K. Martinez, hmmm, I did not get that vibe, they look like typical squirrely kids to me. But hey, maybe I’m missing something!

JB, when you think about it, we are all brothers and sisters. In the “groovy 1970s” way of looking at things. I don’t think it is beyond reason that a kid from Brooklyn could visit Niagara Falls, you know, for summer vacation, or for the Hunger Games, or something. “PL”… Peewee League? Yeah probably not.

JG, those kids were in three states of being when it came to “fun”, one of the rare times it was captured on film. I don’t think it’s unusual for youngsters (particularly girls) to try to look “grown up”, but gosh, all I can see is goofy school kids. I am sure it is my own failings as a human being that are to blame. Hey, “PeeWee League”! You and I are sympatico. I think your dad’s horse sounds pretty smart. Somehow seeing the word “slough” reminds me of that Dr. Seuss sentence, “The tough coughs as he ploughs the dough”. I think I first heard the word “slough” when I went kayaking at the Elkhorn Slough.

Budblad, a Hudson Hornet, cool! Where’s ‘Mater? I couldn’t resist. The color is probably “trout-belly white”.

DrGoat said...

Great kid pics. If we would have stayed in NYC instead of moving to Tucson when I was 5 years old, I could have been one of those kids in the last pic. Definitely the short kid in the red shirt.
We had 2 horses back in the 60s. My older sister really wanted one so did my cousin. She even wrote a letter from God (addressed to my parents) telling them that she deserved a horse and they better do so. She still has the letter which is hilarious, so she drags it out every Christmas for us to enjoy.
I rode on one a few times but never got into it. Had a bike you didn't have to feed and groom.
Thanks Major, needed some fun pics.

JB said...

PeeWee League, huh? I coulda swore that PL was the Poughkeepsie Lemmings. Oh well, live and learn.

Nice to hear from you DrGoat! Wow, a letter from God Himself/Herself! Your parents wouldn't dare go against God's wishes. Clever Sis.

Melissa said...

I'm with JB; if those four kids in #1 aren't siblings they're at least cousins.

The four boys in the last shot look like the East Coast production of Stand By Me. Niagara County REPRESENT!

Nanook said...

@ Budblade-
That was my first thought, but the lighting kept throwing me off, as I couldn't verify that raised 'strip' in the sheet metal has stainless steel trim running along its bottom. So, as you correctly surmised, it's either a 1950 or 1951 Hudson Hornet, or Commodore.